Three Bigfoots at Once!!!? Carrying Deer Carcasses!!!?

Happy Thanksgiving! And speaking of turkey … here’s the perfect video to watch while you digest.

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  1. ThinkerThunker: I’ve looked at the turkey hunter lady’s cell phone video several times. I have also looked at your breakdown several times. At first, I thought the figures looked like humans, and I thought I could see clothing on them. Apparently, many others saw the same thing and dismissed it immediately. However, I now believe what appears to be “clothing” is merely lighter-colored hair on the upper body of the bigger guy. Even though it was very hard to discern at the level of pixilation present when you blew the footage up, I trust that you are seeing it well enough with your equipment to determine that the arm/leg ratio is as you say – like Patty or the Georgia bigfoot. When I posted a comment about the “clothing” not really being clothing, and that these very well may be bigfoot creatures, I got howled at by several others who are absolutely sure that these are hunters. I said “where are their guns?” They responded that they were probably just scouting the area before their hunt. Oh and they thought the big guy leaning down to pick up his backpack. So what can you say to those who are so adamant that this is nothing but a couple of hunters? What does the turkey hunter lady say? I’m sure that she would know if these were hunters that she saw. Right?

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