Would you pay $50 K to see a Bigfoot?

Would I spend fifty THOUSAND big ones to see a Bigfoot?

Sure. Why not? It’s easy to say because nobody’s offering me this opportunity.

But they were, just last night, on Youtube. It was a random comment I noticed just before going to bed. And it said exactly that: that if I paid $50K, this guy would take me out to see Bigfoot(s) which lived on his property. Or something like that. He even said we could discuss the fee.

So … I go to bed, wake up today to find that the guy (whoever it was) deleted the comment. Was it lie …? Probably, maybe, who knows? An even better question is: would I have done it. And to that I would say probably, maybe, who knows? If I found out more, and it all felt genuine, and this guy (whoever it was) told me enough to make me believe that he was actually having these rare visitations, AND  he would allow me to take my film and audio gear out … I might just do it. But now … we’ll never know.

So if you’re reading this, post your message again. Who knows what will happen.

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