Grand Canyon Bigfoot

Would you wear a big, cumbersome monkey suit, AND MASK, and sprint around on the rim of the Grand Canyon?

Skeptics of this video say that’s exactly what happened. But a closer look reveals some abnormalities with whomever or whatever it is we’re seeing.

Something else interesting; in this clip you’ll see a now, very popular landmark building there at Grand Canyon, one that’s always surrounded by cars, buses and tourists. Yet; in this video, it’s completely vacant, as well as the surrounding area. Those who believe this is a new video hoax, made to look old, can’t quite explain that away.

And last; we’re seeing a style of running used only by the world’s elite athletes. And if you try this method yourself, you’ll see it’s VERY difficult to do. Especially if you were wearing a big, bulky suit.

Have a look for yourself.