Bigfoot, Giants and Proof

How could one, without the aid of heavy equipment, or anything that would leave tracks of it’s own, make 14″ inch tracks in heavy mud WITH … a minimum of 47 inch strides, LEAVING … 120 consecutive imprints, deep into the mud WHILE consistently placing each track in a straight line, one print in front of the other. And for good measure, do it when it’s freezing outside.

A funny sidenote to this: a Youtuber contacted me and told me his roommate (an engineer) dismissed this video by saying “Ah, some guy 6’7″ was walking around in the mud with fake feet on.”

That means this “engineer,” someone who’s had a good amount of education, actually believes in his own mind that there are, and have been for the past fifty years or so, literally THOUSANDS of giant humans (7 ft tallish or better,) all over the world, wondering around remote places, in the freezing cold, wearing giant feet or having size 14 to 24″ feet themselves, while stomping around in the mud, snow, ice, etc ….

Do these hoaxster giants have a name, club or organization they all belong to …? Do they meet regularly to discuss how things are going or maybe break out this year’s new models of giant feet …? If so; where do they meet? When? I would love to go to one of these meetings. But then I’m only 6’2″, I probably couldn’t get in. They would probably have one of those signs like they have for roller-coasters saying “you must be this big to get in.”

All kidding aside, apparently to this engineer, this is a perfectly normal thing for giant, or VERY LARGE humans to do. I would ask him if he himself has ever witnessed a giant human out walking around barefoot, or with large fake feet on, or could he provide a link to a video showing such a thing. Of course the answer would be … no. Or, I don’t have time to, or some other lame excuse.

What his engineer friend is really saying is “all of this scares the crap out of me and I want to go back to where the earth is flat and everything is black and white.” But it’s not. And just because people chose to believe this way, doesn’t mean they’ve won the argument when they dismiss bizarre accounts like the London Trackway by saying “ah, it was some big guy with giant feet hoaxing everybody.”

When pressed about how fake feet leave static prints, whereas; the toes on real feet move and splay in the mud, this same engineer said “ah, that could easily be done with spring-loaded toes on prosthetic feet.” So now his giant has spring-loaded toes. (That’s delusional :)

My answer to the frustrated friend who contacted me about this was “Have your engineer buddy find a video on youtube (or a picture) demonstrating these magical feet with spring-loaded toes. And if he can’t find ONE EXAMPLE in all of the millions upon millions upon millions of videos online (or even a photo,) then no such feet exist. And if his only proof is something that doesn’t exist in the real world ….” Well, you can work the rest out for yourself.

Bottom line: anyone who scoffs at this footage can prove it could be hoaxed by simply taking my challenge from the first paragraph up above. If they’re not even willing to try a 47 inch stride themselves … they got nothing ;)