Bigfoot Discoveries

This is a list of some of my more significant “Bigfoot” finds.

Bigfoot vs Buffalo!
Youtuber Mary Greely unknowingly captured four, seemingly very large two-legged “somethings” following four buffalo near the Old Faithful geyser in Yellowstone National Park. It was all captured by the park’s web cam (which might turn out to be fore some, a new pass-time.) Could this really be a bigfoot hunt in progress? Or according to some, four BF tending their herd? Or is it just four of the stupidest hoaxers in the world, risking death by buffalo? Either way, give it a look.


Is Bigfoot a Neanderthal?

Two thirds of the world claims to need hard, cold scientific evidence before they’ll believe in Bigfoot. Well here it is …

That is; if you consider measurements, math and repeatable tests “scientific.”

In this video I simply measured an arm and a leg and found that whoever, whatever it is we’re looking at in the Patterson\Gimlin footage (along with other alleged hoaxes) it has non-human body ratios. Meaning; it’s arms are almost as long as it’s legs, being only 6% shorter. Whereas our arms are 20% shorter than our legs. And ratio-wise, that’s an astronomical amount. See for yourself!

This is one of the most amazing clips I’ve ever seen. In it we see where a female turkey Hunter filmed not one, not two but THREE alleged bigfoots (one of them an infant.) We also see the two adults carrying 130 lb deer carcasses draped over their forearms as though they were jackets. And if that’s not enough,  a simple measurement proved one of the creatures had non-human body ratios.

In this video by TimberGiantBigfoot, thought to be a hoax, I uncovered after I stabilized this footage, the fact that whatever this creature is TGBF filmed from behind, it had a tiny, ape like infant latched onto it’s head. We can even see it’s little hands grasping. (bear cubs can’t grab, they don’t have thumbs)

Here I use a simple little reference grid used by portrait artists to show that whatever this white creature is, it’s face doesn’t fit normal, human face ratios.

Here I make a public offer to purchase the “monkey suit” used in the Patterson\Gimlin Bigfoot film so that it could be placed in some Museum or public place for all to see and enjoy.

“Name your price” I say to the owner of the mythical suit. I’ll even crowd-source it if need be. But I say this knowing I’ll never have to raise a dime. Why? Watch the video, you’ll see :)

Big Red … this guy has got to be my most favorite Bigfoot of all time. I describe him (whoever or whatever it is) as a cross between an orangutan and a Transformer.

If there were another species of bipedal primates on the planet besides us (Bigfoot,) how would they walk, run, move, etc …?

Would it be identical to our movement? Or would there be subtle, little differences in body mechanics that you would really have to look for to notice?

That’s what this video (my first) is about.

Think you’re limber, flexible, in pristine condition …? Could you step off into a waste-deep hole WITH your arms down by your side the entire time AND your torso perfectly straight and upright all the way down, even after landing? Never once lunging forward or throwing your arms up to balance yourself? And then maybe the hardest part; could you “nail” the landing with only the one step (no extra steps to absorb the momentum) AND … the absolute most difficult and un-human part of all … your trailing foot remained up on the ground you stepped off from the entire time? (Here’s a tip: you or no other human can)

Yet in this video we see it done. Have a look, give it a try, like I did.

This video is amazing in the fact that we get to do an actual Bigfoot to Human size comparison (after the fact.)

The people that filmed the original clip near Sundance Utah were bright enough to go BACK OUT and take a friend to stand in the exact same spot as they saw “the Beast” for comparison’s sake.

More to come. Please check back.


  1. LASkB

    I love these comparisons, they give a much clearer idea of exactly how
    massive our friends in the forest truly are. I’ve been interested in Bigfoot since I was in the Boy scouts n 1963, and it’s now a quarter century later. I hope this isn’t the most proof we’ll ever get, but it’s more
    than enough for me.

  2. JPaulYetti

    The way you home in on a point reminds me of Matlock homing in on the evidence that’s been hiding in plain sight, leading the jury to finally see the Bigfoot that’s been sitting in the back row of the gallery all along. It’s a pleasure to hear you debunk the debunkers with backwoods verbal aikido, but more important, your analyses are enlightening and easy to follow. It’s really a wonder that good scientists haven’t noticed the points you raise, but then again, would they say anything if they did? The proportion comparisons are particularly interesting and dispositive. I am looking forward to stage three, whenever it arrives.

  3. jaywillson87

    You do a very thorough analysis of these videos. You are now a go-to for me. Very impressive sir.

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