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(gathered  from my Is Bigfoot a Neanderthal video, Dec 2014)

What you just did there was break down the last remaining wall to any argument or any doubt about Bigfoot existence or whatever it eventually turns out be. You know it’s real because you’ve proved it , we know it’s real because of people like you , but the government will always deny any knowledge of them just to keep the money rolling in. It’s not right but what’s new
More to come ….

(gathered from my Cracking the Bigfoot Code video Nov, 2014)

Outstanding. Brilliant video and an introduction to the E = mc 2 of the Sasquatch world!
The two companion pieces (“21 Degrees” and now this one) will go down as classics in our field. Thank you.
Oh my god your a legend… Please write a book! You make the likes of Jeff Meldrum look like students doing a school project evidence-wise.
Hey Finka! Superb is not a word I use a lot, but here it’s more than warranted……just damned SUPERB work, and really compelling. I watch your vids many times each cos they’re so full of pertinent information. Thank you for the effort you’ve put in once again, can’t wait for the next one! You’re a blindin geezer, all the best, cockney jules
Another slam-dunk, TT.  Hard to argue pure fact, logic, rational process and math.  There are and will remain those who will refuse to believe their lying eyes, lest the ground beneath them tremble.  LMAO!!!  You are the best.  Another entry for the Bigfoot Hall Of Fame, imho.
You’re more convincing every time. I’m really loving it!
Wow, knowing you’re an artist makes you even cooler now. You really are one of the best bigfoot provers out there. Keep up the wonderful work, and I know it takes a lot of work to keep doing these vids. Thanks thinker thinker, you rule. I would love to see you paint a bigfoot portrait. That would be amazing. Commission maybe? Someday when I get rich enough. Someday, til then, thanks t.t. Lisa
Definately my favourite youtube channel, break downs are so detailed that no1 can argue with youre findings!! Keep it up and hello from wales :)
Well I have to say my hat is off to you once again my friend. So now the big dilemma is that you have to name your new scientific discovery. We can call it TTTT.  “The Thinker Thunker Theory” LOL. Try to say that fast. Sounds like ive developed a lisp. But seriously you really should be paid for the time you invest in this very serious subject. You tube is so “ho hum” when we don’t hear from you in awhile. Im sure a lot of people would pay to subscribe to your channel. You should look for a sponsor. Just putting it out there.
Great observation Thinker!!! This is a revolutionary moment for Sasquatch research thanks to the excellent research and presentation you provide here. Truly informative and entertaining too! : ) All of the past photos and films of the hairy hominids can now be viewed in a new light!
Guy| You are so damn right!
This is amazing work TT! There was a Les Stroud show on the tele this weekend about Bigfoot. He was exploring the wilderness with Todd Standing. I looked at Standing’s bigfoot facial photos and they fail the two finger test! I wonder if he has any footage that shows the entire specimen? I think your analysis could really help level the playing field! Ahhh….marvelous!
You really grand-slammed this one, my friend. Impeccable, and begs ALL fools to flee the scenes of their crimes-of-omission, or outright deceit. Also, seems that YOUR channel is the ONLY one that I am subscribed to that I receive NO notices from YT about regarding new uploads. So, I must then go…’In Search Of’. Hands-down, you are gradually destroying this community’s former reputation of being constantly “divided” with every upload you post. I have even watched the Trolls skitter further from your posts as well, over time.  The newest, and most poignant part of all this is the fact that it’s now VERY hard for people NOT to refer your name to someone when they are talking through their Hatsses about BF. I think the main reason you hit the ‘1 Million hits’ as fast as you did, is likely because 98% of us are WAY too damn lazy to try and say what YOU said. We just say: “Go watch some ThinkerThunker vids!” ‘Boom’, it’s done. Yes, we are ‘Herding’ them to you like good little solders with our very own re-education camp. It’s truly a win-win all around. So, thanks for the ‘Arm-to-Leg Ratio’ that will undoubtedly also greatly reduce the ‘Ass-to-Hat’ ratio. Bravo, brother!~
The arm to leg ratio demonstrated are clearly the facts. The mass of their bones, muscles and fat tissue are also much denser. Their head also sits lower and forward on the body with larger mandibles and skull ratios compared to humans. Once again Thinker Thunker brings out the truth in a clear and concise manner that most people could not comprehend and understand it if it bit them in the hinny. Why? Because their minds are already made up!

(gathered from my TimberGiantBigfoot video Sep, 2014)

timbergiantbigfoot (this is from the man\the legend himself, who actually filmed the original footage)

Thank you for your effort on the video , I’m glad that someone thought it threw in such a way rather than jumping to conclusions . Great work . Thank you again , TGBF

(Mr TGB actually went on to publish a video for the soul purpose of thanking me for mine. I was shocked, but in a good way :)

What can be said that hasn’t been said already ? Sooo i’ll say it again— “WOW” BAAAM  Fantastic work !! I for one am truly glad/thankfull etc. seriously though thank you and a sincere thanks :

transientdreams 3 days ago
I rarely hit the ‘Like’ button, even on videos I enjoy a great deal. But man, you sure knocked down all the doors on this video. I think you are, by far, one of the greatest assets to the BF research community to ever come along. You are truly changing how people see what they only ‘Think’ they are seeing. But I been ‘thunking’ that for awhile now. Awesome wallpaper by the way. You also remind me of a young Keith Carradine somehow. Cheers!~
Norm Dunbar 5 days ago
You Sir, You are a HERO. Thanks for all your hard work, and for vindicating all of Jim’s hard work..
Fred West 3 days ago
T.T. amazing work… you are the best, keep up the great work.

WOW!! TT, I am SO glad you took on this video; I’ve watched it many, many times and could never figure out what that pale patch was… Eventually accepted (reluctantly) that the creature had a strange hair line (ie bald) or some kind of malformation (which made me sad).  You have not only solved the problem but made us all happy into the bargain proving it was a darling little youngster  Please don’t ever stop doing what you’re doing, you’ve not only given us this present, but helped Jim out with puzzling out his own video – which goes to show its authenticity, ‘cos Jim would also have to have faked his own puzzlement..

M. Williams 1 day ago
TT – I hope you know YOU ARE THE BEST! Unbelievable what you can do. With people as talented as you around and working on this I know my dream will come true. That the idiots with completely closed minds will have to admit these animals do exist and there are not hundreds of people running around in the forest in suits. THANKS AGAIN!, Mindy
MeBeTheDB 21 hours ago
(From ‘WAYNE’S WORLD’) …. “We’re not worthy …. we’re not worthy …… ohhhhhhmmmmm.” Mr. Thunker — you are the Bruce Springsteen of Bigfoot Post Field Research.  TRULY.  I am still agob with the ‘BF BABY REVEAL’.  You rock.  Now, if anyone should be the ‘BF Post Field Footage Clearing-House’ … Man … it’s you. D.A.
steve edmunds 1 day ago

I thank you for your hard work and dedication to this field. Thank you for sharing this video with us

Old Mill 3 days ago
I love this channel. Keep em coming!
Laurieb2851 3 days ago

You may make me think of Paul Harvey’s unique voice, but you’re 1,000% cuter!  I’ve got to look at this video differently now.  When Timbergiantbigfoot released this video, I knew I was looking at something – I actually thought I was looking at a face.  When the creature’s head seemed to pop up, I never considered that something else just might be there.  I belong to a lot of groups and will be sharing all of your videos with them.  I just need to go to bed for the night first, lol!  Great, great video – as usual!  Love it

+ThinkerThunker You sick freak! :o))) That’s what hubby calls me about my time spent on the furry people.  Your ability to pare things down to their simplest, most logical explanation stupefies me. I’ve got to learn how to do a decision tree and this logical progression of thought. No,  better yet: I’ll stick to my audio stuff and you just keep this science of yours going.  Many, many thanks! p
Frances Reynolds 3 days ago
Great presentation T.T. I really enjoyed it. Timbergiants video has been a video that has caused much debate. Your breakdown and analysis are going to change many peoples view now. I see what you see in the video, now that it’s all highlighted. Frances U.K.
(gathered from 3 days around the 1st of August, 2014)

Robert Tuner T.T. you’re such a rational, observant and intelligent guy. I’m thankful for your work and talent. You got my 100% support. I wish that we could hang out and exchange some ideas. There’s hope in this World of ignorance and arrogance when there are people like you. Keep up the great work..!

Harley Hemara Squatch for sure me’s think’s! Good stuff T.T. ‘nother quality analysis mate!
Jeff Kindrick You always seem to approach these with a unique perspective TT. When I looked at this and saw the turn-around I wrote it off as a hoax. Thanks for going the extra mile.
Jason Thompson Another great breakdown by TT. At first this has to be a hoax, but after you look at it how you break it down really shows the truth behind the video….
michael williams Love the depth of youre analysis, clearly looking deeper than any other youtuber to try and find out the truth of these videos. Top notch stuff hope you get time to look at more videos and break them down!!!
Kim Goldstein Great work as usual, love your work ! I should send you my wedding video, quite a few anomalies that need analyzing !
Jkatz9y That was SPLENDID!! I always thought that clip was real.. but I was under the impression the camera team had confirmed it was one of their men with a back-pack, so I kinda grudgingly accepted it. BUT, if he’s a camera man, where is his camera? I was just thinking how exciting it would be for a young Sasquatch to jump on mum or dad’s back during a hunt, and an excellent way to learn, even at the expense of lunch.. Well done TT, you’ve cracked that one wide open.  Must’ve been a rumour about the camera team; just someone’s opinion.. Yeah !!

Rick Frazier Excellent work! Good comparison!debbye wendtland Wow I’m so impressed and grateful for being able to watch in such ( great detail ) what you Mr Thinker Thunker comes up with. I am having so much fun…. Keep them coming :-) Thank You So Muchyowwwwie Again, my applause for your analysis of this subject in the dark woods TT. Thank you

Nicole Law I came into this video expecting an inaccurate, snarky video explaining why the P-G Film was fake, and was ready to throw back a snarky comment about how it wasn’t fake, but I was happily surprised.  You are exactly right.  If the suit was real, which it sure is not, it would have surfaced by now.  However, if sasquatches were real, which they are, more reports, more evidence, and more videos would be surfacing.  And that is exactly what is happening.  People can say that the P-G film bigfoot is a costume all they want, but until they show me the costume, that bigfoot is as real and genuine as ever.

Steve Summar Very nice analysis sir…thank you for caring and sharing.

Alex piv Great observations bro awesome love it!! Thanks Alex

Tarathathe77wookiee Hi ya and once again, greetings from The Land Down Under! We have our own Bigfoot’s here called Yowie. I have not yet had the good luck to see one myself. However, my Dad says he saw one many years ago. Said it was big and mean. As always, your presentation is really good. At first I thought it was some joker in a costume. But then came the comparison. Truly, that thing is huge!

Matt Owen Man, I love your videos!
milton roberts Love your common sense analyses (That’s plural, in case someone thinks I cannot spell). We need more like you who think before they leap to conclusions. Just disappointed that I have never seen a hint of one, despite 5 years living in Montana and lots of forest wandering there and in Northern Arkansas
toyrav64 Just recently found your channel Thinker Thunker. Thank you for the analysis. So well done, IMHO.Jeremy Lynes good points…..I see why you call yourself Thinker Thunker
Jen B. Shared on Google+ • 4 days ago  Great job as always +ThinkerThunker :) I’m glad you did this one. I was wondering if it was a hoax too. It seems like the night time being is a lot wider than the kid! And can you imagine how much taller it would be if it was standing straight? Great analysis!!  Must see for Bigfoot fans :D
iRipGenos Sep 05, 2014
Next time you hear someone laugh at the possibility of Bigfoot existing, just send them a link to ThinkerThunker’s channel and tell them to get back to you in an hour.
Laurieb2851 Sep 09, 2014
Hi there. I’ve watched a few of your videos and plan to watch them all. In listening to you speak, I thought you sounded like a professional speaker because the normal every day person doesn’t have the obvious confidence that you present. Here as it turns out, you’ve done some public speaking through your professional career of training other professionals. You have one of those voices that when heard, it’s completely identifiable. Only the best in speaking can claim to be able to do that. Off the top of my head, Paul Harvey comes immediately to my mind. If you were looking for a career today, I would say you’d have a good chance of making your voice part of that. What you have is the ability to grab the public’s attention and hold it until you’ve decided to stop speaking. Not everyone can do that.

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    I watch daily for any new Thinker Thunker posts or reviews.
    It’s simple. He say’s and shows what I need to see so I can understand what I’m watching more clearly.

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