Using common sense, critical thinking and an artist’s eye I do detailed Bigfoot, UFO and
Paranormal Video and Audio analysis and restoration using state of the art software. 

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Michigan Bigfoot Cross Cass River

Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization posted this now viral video. The masses believe it’s nothing more than “A fisherman in waders.”
Do the masses know what they’re talking about? Or is there more to the story?

Most Amazing Bigfoot Finds #2: Sonic Proof

Your voice, just like your fingerprints or DNA, can be used as unique identification. In his latest video ThinkerThunker takes a look at some unique vocalizations to see if they match any known species.

***Part 2 available now (members-only):***

Most Amazing Bigfoot Finds #1: Midtarsal Break

Finding something extraordinary once is compelling. Finding it twice is proof. This video shows the midtarsal break (a non-human trait) in two different videos. One filmed in Provo Utah “the rock throwing video.” The other comes from the most studied and scrutinized film in history, the Patterson film.

The Bigfoot-Walmart Connection: Parts 1 & 2

Featuring two of our own from ThinkerThunker’s Tribe, one’s a YouTube member and one’s a Patreon Patron.
Both had highly unusual visual encounters with a Forest Giant that, strangely enough, links them both to retail giant Wal-Mart.

The series begins with a video from Gonzo aka BreakingBigfoot on YouTube!

**Part 2 Now Available:**

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Bigfoot-Walmart Connection Part 1 - New Mexico & BreakingBigfoot
Play Video

We’ve all read the reports of Forest Giants — aka Bigfoot — throwing rocks,
scribing this behavior to support the countless reports. 
If real, this clip could be solid proof of that all-too familiar trait and others revealed by ThinkerThunker’s expert analysis

** The Entire 4-Part Series Available NOW ** 

Part 1:
Part 2: (members only)
Part 3: (members only)
Part 4: (members only)

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(or How to Spot a Hoax)

Hoaxing Bigfoot videos are officially dead! Now even sound can give you away. But are all of this YouTuber’s videos hoaxes?
A good many people believe they’re real…what about you?

Bigfoot Attack in the Canadian Wilderness Sonny Vator Videos Breakdown Series
Part 1:
 Part 2:  (members only) 
 Part 3:  (members only) 
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In Part 2 of the Survivorman Bigfoot Scream series ThinkerThunker uses spectral analysis — creating “sonic fingerprints” — to determine what exactly it was (or wasn’t) screaming and howling in Les Stroud’s Survivorman Bigfoot “Trails and Tails.” Check it out now and share what you think it is!

Survivorman Bigfoot Part 1:
Survivorman Bigfoot Scream Part 2:
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Here’s the scenario: A couple stranded overnight on a lonely road in the Sierras with their two dogs. They start to hear to wildlife screams all around them. 

They whip out their camera and record what they claim to be the longest session ever of a group of Bigfoots howling
Are they right? Can this be proven? ThinkerThunker will attempt to. 

Check it out!
Part 2 of Bigfoot Screams available NOW:
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Is this for real? Or did the boy who cried wolf actually film an encounter?
Part 1 of Michigan Dogman Sighting:
**Part 2 of Michigan Dogman Sighting is also available NOW:
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Here’s the scenario: Russia, two men driving out in the middle of nowhere on a snowy night. A large figure appears out of the darkness
and crosses the deeply snow-covered road right in front of their truck. I think there’s a lot more to this story. Do you agree? Check it out and weigh in.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
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Two guys go fishing for gar way down in San Benito, Texas. Watch my newest video to see what they think is a dog…until it stands up!
(NOTE: Parts 2 and 3 of this Texas Border Bigfoot series are now available for my Members and Patrons)
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