For over a decade now I’ve done forensic Bigfoot, UFO and Paranormal Video and Audio analysis. Armed with state-of-the-art, fx software, logic, common sense, determination and an artist’s eye. I find what often goes overlooked.


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[SPECIAL] “Expedition Bigfoot” Claims Patterson Bigfoot Was Only 6’3″ – Are They Right?

A major TV network hires a “visual effects guy” to do something he’s never done before, using software in a way it wasn’t meant to be used,
only to pin all their hopes on the wrong magical rotten log. But total failure didn’t stop them from declaring themselves
THE WORLD’S FIRST to accurately measure Patty the Bigfoot. See for yourself.

Expedition Bigfoot Claims Patty is 6'3" Are They Right?
Travel Channel's "Expedition Bigfoot" Claims Patterson Bigfoot Was Only 6'3" - Are They Right?

 THINKERTHUNKER Accepts Survivorman Face Challenge

Les Stroud of “Survivorman Bigfoot” fame, and Bigfoot Whisperer, Todd Standing,
both mistakenly believe I said or did something wrong or hurtful in a video I posted back in 2018.
I clear things up for them. Plus … I accepted a challenge laid down by Survivorman.

ThinkerThunker's Survivorman Bigfoot Face Challenge
Survivorman Bigfoot Face Challenge - I Accepted (ThinkerThunker)

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ThinkerThunker answers the question: Does Bigfoot Exist?

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5 Weird Things About “Bigfoot Hunted by Helicopter”

Finding one hard-to-explain aspect to a video is one thing. Finding two takes the weirdness factor up exponentially.
But five (or more) truly odd things means something extraordinary was going on here.

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Something Amazing the World Missed

The viral “security cam footage” featuring a weird little white character (AKA “Dobby the Alien,) exhibits a trait that somehow no one else caught. Nor will anyone be able to easily explain away. Whatever it is … it’s not a kid in PJs with underwear on its head. Check it out!

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