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1,000+ Subscribers 1st day on Youtube – Thank you guys!

My wife and I (TheMissus here,) started a new Youtube channel this past Tuesday. Two days later on Thanksgiving day 32 of you were kind enough to subscribe to us despite having ZERO videos up – nada – nothing – crickets ….

But by Thanksgiving afternoon we launched our first video. And in less than twenty four hours later we had well over 1,000 subscribers. Which is simply amazing! I’ve never in my life heard of a brand new channel getting 1,000 subscribers in a day. It’s got to be some kind of record.

So from the bottom of my heart, the tops and the sides too … THANK YOU ALL so very much. And thank you for welcoming my wife onto the scene with open arms. And you’re right to do so – she’s the best.

Have a great remainder of the Holiday. All the best to you all,


  1. hendog72

    Welcome back thinkerthunker ??you have been missed ☹️.and a very warm welcome to you Mrs thunker ??. Let me start by saying welcome Mrs thunker. Without a doubt thinkerthunker is my favorite YouTube channel. To me the channel is relaxing very well-thought-out educational and entertaining. Thank you for all the time and trouble you put into your channel and I can’t speak for everyone that the scribers but for me I am very thankful and grateful that you were back I cannot wait to see your next videos and looking forward to getting to know Mrs thunker as well.

  2. cdaniels

    so recently i’ve noticed some very good hoaxes. there seems to be a lot of these recently. i believe because of channels and people like thinkerthunker that use common sense to convince people of the truth. i think the “deepstate” is starting to make well made hoax sasquatch videos. Their so very good at disinformation and their taking it up a notch. this is just my opinion.

  3. redhair

    Well, this latest video is a good step into the big leagues i think . I watch the morning talk shows with the hosts usually in pairs of two, a good chemistry seems to result in a successful show , so why not you guys . Mr. Thunker , your wife has a nice voice , very relaxing and informative. Just speaking for myself, so go for it Miss Thunker, i do welcome to hear from you too, and with you as a pair seems to work well, i am sure many agree .

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