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Video Mystery: BIGFOOT SIGHTING! (Anybody Know What This Is?)

ThinkerThunker video mystery: Snowplow Bigfoot
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This week ThinkerThunker takes a look at a video shared by one of our community members (thanks @mgivens187!), however with absolutely no details, Thunker needs some help tracking down make and model of the snowcat or snowplow, along with any info you might know or find about this clip.

Can you help? If so share what you can over on the forum.

ThinkerThunker video mystery: Snowplow Bigfoot
ThinkerThunker video mystery: Snowplow Bigfoot

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  1. BaruchTheBlessed

    Your book is awesome! Whatever it is walks through deep snow like Rambo handles a machine gun; with ease. Also, check out this video link below and channel when you get a chance. There is also audio on more recent videos that could use the spectrograph analysis.✌️😎 Thank you.😌

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