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550 New Subscribers!

551 to be exact. With over 1,500 visitors just today! That’s incredible. And they said there wasn’t life after Youtube.

Actually no one said that to me. But it did cross my mind, starting a brand new site and all 🙂

Thanks everybody! We’re building a great community here of curious, open minded, like minded people who don’t accept all we’ve been taught or told.

You might not be all posting or commenting, but you’re here. And I appreciate it.

Don’t forget to say hi over in the Forum.


  1. Bigfoot

    Hey, @thinkerthunker I didnt find any way of messaging you, but I have a suggestion for the forums.
    Maybe we could have a new sub-forum which is entiteled “All things bigfoot”? where we could talk a little about possible bigfoot theories etc.

  2. Nota. Mine

    Glad to see you found a non biased platform for your insightful perspective on the BIGFOOT EVIDENCE as it circulates through the interweb.
    Thanks and Goodluck.

  3. Pattyfoot

    I finally got my password and I’m in. Thanks for doing all this ThinkerThunker I have learned a heck of a lot from watching you on Youtube, now you have your own place which is great for us followers and listeners. Your skills on computer amaze me and I have seen things that only by computer magic we would never see. Thank You , ~Seanie

    • ThinkerThunker

      Thank you! And awesome! Hope it didn’t take too long. And if you want you can also just login using your Youtube login. Just click the “Continue with Google” button.

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