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It Happened Again! Toddler Disappears – Gone For Days – Turns Up Unharmed. Cared for by Angelic Bears, Guardian Pit bull or Bigfoot?

I did a video back in February about a little boy who mysteriously disappeared from Grandma’s house in North Carolina (which bordered a forested area.)

He survived 3 nights of sub-zero temperatures, freezing rain and heavy winds.

Search crews and volunteers combed the area until weather forced them to stop. Then a woman walking her dog hears a baby’s voice in the woods alongside her walk path. Alerts the police, they find the toddler in a brier patch that was only accessible wading through water.

Lost toddlers typically don’t go swimming by themselves in freezing cold water then hang out in brier patches. And if they did, you wouldn’t think they would survive.

What’s really weird is the little boy credited a bear for rescuing him and keeping him safe, warm and fed. And instantly the public and the press fell in love and never once questioned the idea of an “Angelic Bear,” who , instead of acting like a bear, saved this poor, little boy’s life.

Next … in Kentucky again, in a house bordering the woods (again,) a little blonde boy mysteriously just vanished from his home. And was found by a rescue crew three days later (again,) on a steep slope, barely clinging to brush.

The boy here was given credit for being a “Tough, Kentucky mountain boy” and saving his own life.

And now for a third time … in Kentucky (AGAIN,) a little autistic girl mysteriously disappeared from her home, which was near the woods (AGAIN.) And then miraculously, after two or three days (AGAIN,) just showed up.

There was no angelic bear to credit this time. But the family’s pit bull had also vanished and then turned back up when the little girl did. So credit was given to the dog for caring for the special needs toddler, for days.

Then, miraculously she walks up to a neighbors home. With no story of where she had been, why she left or how she survived.

First, of course we’re all thrilled the children survived. It’s amazing! But there’s a definite pattern here public officials aren’t discussing. What’s really going on here?

And do you see in similarities between the toddlers? They practically look like siblings.

So what we’ve got here is a situation where little blonde children, living next to the woods in an areas of the US relatively close to one another. Then mysteriously disappear for two or three days, miraculously surviving and defying the odds. Only after search crews fail to find them, amazingly they turn back up with stories, or situations too bizarre to be believed.

So the question is … what out there could possibly get into locked homes or watched yards and just vanish with a child, going totally unseen? Then after two or three days of caring for toddler, return it home. Or at least close enough to home that the child would surely be saved. And in fact was saved every time.

It’s important to point out that in two of the cases the child was found in areas that had already been searched.

What’s really scary is, I”m sure most of you know these three cases are nothing new. I”m talking of course about the “4-1-1” series of books dealing mysterious and even more bizarre cases of disappearances from people from all ages, disappearing from National or State parks or homes near wooded ares.

Some are found, just like these three. Turning back up in areas already combed by search crews. Where others are never seen or heard from every again. And no bones or remains are every found. As if the earth just opened up and swallowed them.

What’s even more bizarre is that often times rescued children in these stories tell of big, shaggy dogs or bears that saved them, cared for them and fed them berries or whatever was available.

Shaggy dogs and bears. And sometimes “gorillas” here in the US were involved. What do you think about that?

It’s important to note that anyone who’s ever survived any of these bizarre stories, strangely is never able to recall or recount exactly what happened. And are often times found in a very confused state, in shock almost. With coats, socks, shoes and various parts of clothing missing.

***Special thanks to Penny W here at for bringing the last of these amazing stories to my attention. If you have a video, photo or newsworthy story please post it in our “latest activity” forum.”

Interesting to note that in the 4-1-1 Missing book series, abductees are often either autistic, as the recently found little girl is. Or have some other abnormality. Something about these abnormalities makes the subject of the abduction more interesting. You could only speculate as to why. Maybe they sense the weakness and feel sympathy for the abductee? And perhaps want to study it and observe it some, out of curiosity. It’s bizarre to think about. But even more bizarre to know these abductions do happen. So If you live near a wooded area, and have a small one, or someone in the family with some affliction or abnormality, take precautions. And if you’re hiking in a wooded area, don’t go alone, and never be apart or take your eyes off of each other, if at all possible. Because a good many of these abductions happen in seconds ….

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  1. displaced okie

    Yep, T.T. I think your are right. These seem (to me) a little too far out of the ordinary to be mere “children wandering off and returning on their own.” In my opinion there is much more to it than that.
    Keep diggin’ brother, we’ll keep learnin’. You’re the best. I appreciate your dedication to revealing all you can on the subject.

  2. chanetra

    The first two were certainly taken by a bigfoot, the third I am not so sure. Most bigfoots don’t like dogs. I would need more information about the dog’s behavior when they were found. I am so glad these babies were all found alive. Sounds like sasquatch is curious about human kids and take them, then allow them to be found.

  3. AmountboyJB

    ?…..this is truly fascinating I have so many thoughts about this and three of them are so different and odd.
    Scenario number 1 is that these children could be abducted by Bigfoot and then returned.

    Scenario number 2 Alien Abduction ??‍♂️

    Scenario number 3 it hurts me to say this but maybe these people are looking for their 15 minutes of fame and they are endangering their children in the hopes to achieve that.

    And the last thought is it’s an initiation 4 something very culty.

    It seems very odd and strange to me that with these warnings going on that you wouldn’t keep a closer eye out on your children lock the doors and or make sure that they’re safe at all cost

  4. TheMissus

    Some big creature/s keeps finding these cute little human “pets” and then after a few days, realizes they’re a lot more trouble than they’re worth, and returns them back near where they picked up the poor little thing.

      • crittervillegal

        1ALAN1, that’s a really interesting thought. Maybe their little one/ones saw the child in the yard playing and asked if they could play with him or her. So one of the parents, not thinking anything about it, just picked up the child and took him/her back to their “home”. Just another thought, but I’m wondering if maybe, just maybe, Bigfoot might have taken some of the other children “home” to play with their little ones and they liked them so much, they decided to keep the children. Yep, I know that sounds weird, and like I said it was just something that I was wondering. And too, sadly, maybe the playing got out of hand and the human child was killed. It’s just odd that the other children weren’t brought back near their homes again.

  5. Fuzzpope

    These children absolutely meet the long-established profile points for the Missing411 phenomenon.

    I’m grateful that they were returned alive and well, but we know that a great many were not so fortunate.

    I’ve followed 411 with the greatest unease of any paranormal topic I’ve ever studied, almost as frightening as the nature of this predatory entity, or entities, is just how easily it’s existed upon the fringes of mankind’s existence, completely unseen, and unknown until very recently.

    I do not know that we are ever going to fully resolve the agent behind this predatory intelligence. Maybe it’s better for us that we don’t, I fear the consequences of flushing such a thing into the light.

    I don’t have anything further to add, save for this anecdote, which has been kicking around in my mind for the last 2-3 years:

    Algernon Blackwood, famed pulp horror author, penned a short story called The Wendigo. While a work of fiction, it’s obvious that the description of the supernatural being was well-researched, and elaborated to a depth that exceeds any other single resource I’ve come across.

    Of key interest, to 411, was the mechanism by which the creature abducted it’s victims, swiftly sweeping them off their feet and flying away at great speed.

    There are several Missing411 cases that dovetail almost flawlessly with this author’s description. There is even audio from cell phone calls where a victim’s voice can be heard fading away as if moving rapidly away from his phone, which was left behind.

    The story also said that the Wendigo took its victims so fast it literally yanked them out of their boots. Missing footwear is a very, very common profile point. One victim’s flesh was torn away as if dragged over a long distance of abrasive ground.

    Algernon appears to have possibly known more about the Missing411 phenomenon than anybody to date has recognized. Too bad we have no way of asking him, being deceased over half a century..

  6. Drakil99

    First, HOW did the dog find her and then FEED her??? To add, how did the dog manage to get the kid from her kidnapper without being killed by it… IF IT WERE A SASQUATCH… Then the dog would be dinner. Far to many stories of the big hairy guys killing and eating dogs.
    Second, WHY are doctors claiming TODDLERS who can barely speak and are just starting to learn how to walk are Autistic… ITS THE PARENTS WHO ARE AUTISTIC FOR BELIEVING THAT DRUG PUSHING DOCTOR… The second any MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL claims something that doesn’t sound at all right, REPORT THEM TO THE AMA and get a new doctor, maybe even a lawyer and sue the hell out of them for their false diagnosis.
    With all that’s going on in America alone these days, it’s about time the people stood up against the Lying Media and Traitor Politicians, for the all the truths to be KNOWN, from Bigfoot to all the Nonwhite “WHITE SUPREMACY” shooters… THOSE WHO LIE TO THE PEOPLE SHOULD BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE LIKE ANY COMMON CRIMINAL WHO TRIES TO SELL DRUGS TO UNDERAGERS AT THE CURB OF THEIR SCHOOL.

  7. PennyWatts

    All these incidents are very interesting. Apart from anything else, these are all very young children, still totally dependant on their mothers to feed and nurture them, yet they have survived unharmed and in relatively good shape on their own in forests for 3+ days. No screaming or crying, no severe injuries from falling etc. Also found in areas already extensively searched, and in two cases, one cared for by angelic bear and the other by a dog.
    I might suggest the hypothesis that a female Sasquatch over come by curiosity and material instinct saw these children unattended and decided to take them. They nurtured them as they would their own offspring then when the curiosity and novelty wore off returned them .

  8. Alamo

    Just recently a girl disappeared without a trace under very strange circumstances from her room in a resort near a Malaysian forest reserve and was later found deceased in a extremely rugged place she could not have gotten to under her own power.

    “”Not even a footprint was left behind” when Nora Quoirin, who has special needs, vanished while her family was staying at the Dusun resort in Malaysia”

    “A tracker from the elite General Operations Force said there is no sign that Nora walked out of the resort, a 12-acre tropical rainforest retreat in the foothills of the Titiwanga mountains.”

    “The tracker said it is pitch dark at night and it would be very unlikely that someone could walk away without leaving a trace behind.”

    “He told the Malaysian Insight: “The terrain is uneven and one is bound to lose his footing and fall, which would leave a trace.”

    “What puzzles us is that the girl did not leave any trace. It was as though she walked on a normal street. Not even a footprint was left behind.”

    “An Orang Asli indigenous man who joined the search said he knows the forest well – calling it his “playground”… The man, named only as Pak, told the Malay Mail: “It is day four now, impossible she is still here. Even if she fainted or anything untoward happened while she is lost… the police canine (K9) unit would have detected her scent.”

    “The body was winched by helicopter to the hospital.”

    “The body was uncovered near a stream at around 2pm by members of the Seremban hikers club, who had joined police, residents and members of the indigenous Orang Asli people in the search and rescue operation. The area in the Betembum mountains where the discovery was made, and which was described by the police chief as “not an accessible place”, had been scoured by rescue team days earlier.”

    “Nora was born with holoprosencephaly, a disorder which affects brain development, and her family said she was “not independent and does not go anywhere alone”.”

    “Search teams were assisted by local Orang Asli people, who have knowledge of the jungle terrain, while two shamans also joined the operation.”

    Interesting tidbit… could be nothing, but why was the search joined by not just one shaman, but two?

    “She was estimated to have been dead two or three days and not more than four when her naked body was found.”

    ““The cause of death was upper gastrointestinal bleeding due to duodenal ulcer, complicated with perforation … it could be due to a lack of food for a long period of time and due to prolonged stress,”… there were also some bruises on the girl’s legs but they wouldn’t have caused her death.”

    If someone were to get carried off, bruises on the legs might be expected… and if she took her clothes off herself, where are they? Died of “prolonged stress”… sounds like the poor girl died of fright, like a baby bunny rabbit brought home by a well intentioned but irresponsible child looking for a pet to cuddle.

  9. LeeAnn aka Oreo

    It’s a miracle I didn’t get snatched. Let’s just say my mother was fine with whatever I did that didn’t cost her money and I was out of her sightlines while doing it. I spent dawn to dusk in the woods pretty much everyday I wasn’t in school, from 6-16. Most of the time my wolf/dog was with me until I started riding my horse back there. There is no question Squatches used that area and visited the farm. They helped themselves to hay and feed in the winter, ate from our garden in summer, and our pear and nut trees in the fall(there was an apple, plum, and peach orchard on the other side of the 1200 acre patch of woods). All the while leaving tracks everywhere. I saw my first tracks at age 5 so I grew up thinking they were just a normal big wild animal like deer and all the other small mammals. I had no fear of them until I got older and heard and read the stories that didn’t end so well. We moved after our house burnt down to another heavily wooded farm and surrounded by woods. Surprisingly there was activity near us at that time. When Satan’s sister passed away, I moved back to the farm. The very first night we started staying there full time they made their presence known. It was here that I had my first full on sighting of two Squatches. A large female and subadult ?gender, drinking water out of the horse tank. It was a drought and the spring on my property had dried up, the creeks and pounds were fouled, and the only clean water came from wells, and we keep the tank clean. Since leaving here, my husband has gone from a complete denier to a knower. He was bluff charged one night when he fed the horses two hours late. Rock clacking and throwing at the house, vocalizations, tree breaks etc. etc. All the usual actively you hear about. At least I don’t have to travel to have experiences. I was afraid the May F4 tornado that ripped through here would have scared them off but at the end of the second month afterwards they were back. Lots more things to tell but this is almost a novella as it is. Any questions email

  10. Malignus Rex

    I just had a chilling thought pop in while looking at this. I went back to your video on YouTube from 4 years ago. It was the one you did on M.K.Davis’ photos of the Siberian Bigfoot. Something itching at the back of my mind. How could that blonde hair be so drastically different from the rest of it’s hair? I definitely see the “ponytail”. And now, this question of why all blonde haired children? I can’t get it out of my head T.T. It just popped in there and took hold…

    Scalps. Trophies.

    Chilled me to the bone man. Definitely outside the wheelhouse of the flute playing, higher beings who will mind speak the secrets of the universe to us when we’re ready as a species.

    Sorry everyone for going dark.

    • Fuzzpope

      It’s possible. At this point, the best thing we can do is keep as wide open a mind as humanly possible, and mentally prepare for a reveal one day that would be right at home in our worst nightmares.

      I think a lot of the various entities we’ve indexed throughout history, the demons, angels, shadow people, kanishibara, the Mara, vampires, werewolves, ghosts, djinn, I think that the possibility exists that these are all facets of a single entity, or race of them. Deductive reasoning applied to the 1,600+ case files of the CanAm Project suggests that they are:

      * hyper dimensional

      * clairvoyant

      * carnivores, be it flesh or spirit, there is *something* taken from the victims, it’s just not always tangible.

      I think the only thing that might be worse than not knowing what is behind the 411 phenomenon would BE actually knowing. And that’s probably why David Paulides starts each of his lectures with the H.P. Lovecraft quote.

      “The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents. We live on a placid island of ignorance in the midst of black seas of infinity, and it was not meant that we should voyage far. The sciences, each straining in its own direction, have hitherto harmed us little; but some day the piecing together of dissociated knowledge will open up such terrifying vistas of reality, and of our frightful position therein, that we shall either go mad from the revelation or flee from the light into the peace and safety of a new dark age.”

  11. Fuzzpope

    Early on, around 2016, when I first started listening to the long Paulides interviews with George Knapp, and the ‘where did the road go’ dude, I went on a Google blitz, hoping to independently verify as much Missing411 cases as possible. Basically, I was struggling with accepting the reality of it, and was seeking a debunker escape hatch, because let’s be honest here: if it’s all of the things that David has indicated, mankind has been a perpetual victim of a paranormal super-predator for..ever?

    So, I came across a person giving an account in a blog post’s comments. It’s been years since I saw this, and could not locate it again, but I recall the important details: two young siblings (twins?) were in the back yard, picking berries from a patch on the tree line of a large forest behind the family home. They were started by a woman who approached them from the woods. She was smiling in a predatory way with teeth bared, and invited them to come to her cottage in the woods (yes, shades of Hansel and Gretel, very important). She was wearing a red dress and they noticed that she had high heels on. Terrified, they declined her offer and fled to tell their mother. The woman vanished before the mother could spot her. [Cont below]

    • Chiya Tanka


      I’ve read all of Paulides’ books, and am following closely his reports of urban disappearances as well.

      From Tribal Bigfoot on, the 411 “missing” series had me originally thinking Bigfoot was the snatcher of all of these individuals (many children, and adults of advanced age or special needs). Some found impossibly far from their original location alive, some never seen or heard from again, and some reappearing close to where they went missing, in an area searched multiple times.

      But as I worked my way through all the 411 series of books, my thinking moved from Bigfoot Always to Bigfoot Maybe Sometimes to something beyond our current understanding of life, nature, and physics.

      – portals in time-space
      – alien abduction
      – unknown shape/shifting predators (like skinwalker legends)
      – the black-eyed children (and now, black-eyed adults)
      – other cryptdid species (dogman, goatman, mothman)

      It gets to be almost too fantastic to consider, but what humankind once attributed to ghosts, goblins, witches, spirits, demons, angels, etc may in fact be lifeforms we’ve yet to discover or dimensions in space-time our current understanding of physics has yet to reveal.

      The native Americans have legends of portals — holes in the forest where one disappears. Modern studies with electromagnetic instruments near ancient hotspots reveal strange anomalies, but no answers. Paulides offers no answers himself, as you point out, but he does encourage everyone to keep an open mind to impossible possibilities.

      Could these kids have been abducted by a curious, benevolent Bigfoot? Sure. Alien beings, who implanted the children with reassuring memories and returned them? Sure. Fallen into portals, only to step back out days later? Sure. Or simply impossibly survived the elements, given the recuperative resilience unique to children? Sure.

      It seems we’re on the cusp of disclosure — be it governmental, or scientific — about many questions a minority of us have had all our lives, and that perhaps the ancients well understood.

  12. Fuzzpope

    [Cont from above ^] I think, after having read so many accounts through not only David but other sources like news print in Indonesia (rife, bursting with 411 type incidents), that 411 assumes a different form per the observer, and this form is at least sometimes taken telepathically from the mind of said observer. This is the only logical explanation for numerous witness accounts of victims seeing family members, or other important persons in their lives. TT, you yourself brought up the boy who was led away by a facsimile of his grandmother, who two weeks prior had a sharp pain in the back of her neck, as if a biological sample were taken from her. Next thing you know, a fake grandma with a corona of electric sparks leads a boy into a cave and asks him to poop on a sheet of sticky paper. I shit you not, pun intended.

    411 is f#cking crazy in the worst possible way.

  13. Fuzzpope

    And here’s another story with details that dovetail with the story I just posted. From reddit:


    “So I turn around not more than 30 sec.s since the last time I looked back and there is this woman there. She was walking but coming up on me fast. There was something way off about her speed. She was walking when I spotted her but her speed was much faster than her gait. It was as if she was on a people mover escalator like in an airport. She was coming up fast and was I’d say no more than 15 or 20 feet behind me when I saw her. I was rather alarmed and glared at her. She stopped when our eyes met. I gave her a look like ‘WTF are you doing coming up on me like that!’. We stood there staring at each other. Neither of us moved.”

  14. oldogre

    So.. A creature that if real was at times hunted and killed to the point of extinction by “Natives” long before the paleface came here and now avoids humans at all costs, and is also most likely a super-predator if not a pure carnivore finds it in its heart of hearts to take these human children in at great risk & no reward for itself all the while risking its own & possibly its entire family’s safety and then a few days later once more takes a huge risk and returns these children to be found all safe and sound. Ok, so why not believe in fairy tales too? You’d have a better chance of them being real as you would this situation. Sasquatch IF real is NOT your friendly next door babysitter and from every image I’ve ever seen that could even remotely be real its NOT a herbivore, nor I doubt is even an omnivore.

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