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Bigfoot Footage Reveals New Finds

This is one of those clips “the experts” wrote off as nothing. But once stabilized it had a few surprises. 

What’s interesting here is we see “IT” stealing lightning fast “tree glimpses.” My guess is to find out exactly who – what – and how many are out there. So that next It can decide what to do … flee or take a stand. And at the end of the clip we saw it’s choice. Pretty scary stuff. I would run too.

Big THANKS to Magna11 for posting it in our forum. And thanks to all who’ve posted links for us to check out and discuss – this is working!!!

And HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ALL 08/09ers! (I’m one of em 😉

Go check out the original, posted by Sasquatchalliance

Here’s a link to Magna 11’s original forum post!

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  1. ThinkerThunker

    Hey everybody, lemme hear from ya! There’s some pretty interesting stuff here in this clip. (Have a great weekend and thanks for being here! Please spread the word, share my links on your social sites. And don’t forget to pickup a tshirt, that’s what keeps me and the site running 🙂

  2. TheMissus

    This one’s very interesting, between the dark color, LONG spindly-looking limbs and classic BF behaviors – and that it may be female – fascinating. BTW that shot of the ape mask nearly fooled me, so realistic (JK of course). PS – Happy BD TT!

    • jayt0625

      Wow, GREAT breakdown!!! Easy to miss in original video. I put this up there with Patty film. ThinkerThunker brought it to “life” with stabilization, zoom, and scrubbing!

  3. Michael Jaqua

    Very nice work!
    Sorry to report no Sasquatch sightings while I was vacationing in Glacier National Park last week.
    Keeping my eyes peeled in Oregon though…Ekk hunting in the Snake River unit in October!
    Keep up the great work!

    • ThinkerThunker

      Good question. Territorial …? Maybe had a young one nearby, hiding in a tree or whatever? Who knows what was going on? I do know if it had been me, even if I suspected it was someone goofing around in a monkey suit, chances are I would split. At least to get far enough away to see what was going on. Maybe about a mile or so 🙂

      • Robert

        Personally, I carry a firearm when I’m going out there. Not to kill random animals but because I want to go home afterwards.

        The forests are just as deadly (or more so) than Chicago or Baltimore.

    • Melohdee

      Awesome video TT. It’s great that you do these break downs for us so we can actually see what’s going on in the videos, which is so hard to see when just watching the video as it is.
      It definitely looks like a genuine Bigfoot to me. How could someone in a monkey suit possibly grab ahold of branches with those big clunky hands that come with costumes? Also, I grew up in and around forests, hiking, hunting, fishing and the one thing that I know for sure is that I have a hard enough time just walking normally through the woods without tripping and falling down, if I put on a monkey suit and tried to walk through a forest I’m sure I would be on the ground more than I would be on my feet.
      Thanks again for the great work.

  4. 11474403a

    The way that thing navigated the woods pushing branches away and looking straight ahead convinces me it’s not a person in a giant monkey suit. Thinker you don’t claim to have these insane credentials but man you have a way of spotting things!

  5. LeeAnn aka Oreo

    When the witness is fleeing, we can see oak leaves on the ground. Maybe you could use one of them for scale? To get a better sense of the height of the creature.

    On another note, I always knew these guys were smart but I have a new perspective now that takes it to a whole new level. For whatever reason we have been inundated with raccoons since the tornado back in May so we started trapping them to release by the river. After a couple of weeks, we started finding dead raccoons layed over the tops of the traps, some whole, some missing parts. So I left a bucket with fruit hanging from a hook on my bird feeder stand, where we set up a trap, to say Thanks. Next morning bucket and fruit was gone. Three days later the bucket reappears on my front porch filled with raccoon heads. Haven’t seen a raccoon since.
    Before anyone suggests trail cams, I have tried, they either disappear or are destroyed.

    • ohdwight

      oh wow ; freaky as all get out ! racoon heads? omg ; we used to pick up raccoons on our trail cam rummaging through the garbage ; 3 or 4 at a time . Now that bigfoot is on the scene , not a raccoon in sight for months now ; never do we see them on trail cams even in the yard at night ; just deer , a single red fox and a stray cat . Raccoons have vanished ; I wonder if bigfoot kills them all as they compete for the same leftovers.

  6. sandiegoman

    Hey TT, so glad to see you’re back in action! All I have to say is your video forensics is awesome. You take what appears to be a crummy video and find all the hidden gems. Thanks for your work

  7. Mr Paris

    Hi, thanks for stabilizing, I wouldn’t have even tried to view this otherwise. I do note that at 5 minutes in, its right leg looks like it bends strange, like it is knock kneed a little. I see this at one other point also. If so, this would be an indicator of a true Bigfoot, since they seem to have a wobble in the knee. Also, would it be possible to see all 7 sections stabilized at the normal distance? Thanks!

  8. Xrae Brown

    Hey Bud, I don’t think I’ve ever seen these clips. The fact that it is labeled a “found film” is a bit of a red flag. Still, some of it looks familiar. I keep thinking back to my backpacking days 40 years ago in the area where Patty was filmed and wonder if my friends and I were just easily fooled? This was in the 1970’s- were there fewer of them? Anyhoo, thanks for keeping up with this phenomena. Did you ever look into the Neanderthal connection? Xrae

  9. 1alan1

    The trees kind of remind me of Tennessee a little bit. Forest area but don’t obviously see any evergreen trees. I bought ten acres in Tennessee and the property looks just like that. Just kind of a guess.
    Interesting video.

    • thornybastard

      Yes, Alan, clearly eastern deciduous forest. If you don’t mind me saying it looks farther north than Tennessee. Hard to tell exactly from the vid, but looks mostly like an oak/maple forest, whereas Tennessee is mostly oak/hickory. I’m inclined to think it’s more like Pennsylvania or NY, or maybe Michigan, unless it’s in the mountains, then you can push it a little farther south.

      I’ve lived everywhere from New Jersey to Tennessee and west to Illionois and spent time in the woods pretty much everywhere east of the Mississippi and just across the river owing to my work, from Maine to Texas. Definitely eastern forest here.

  10. magna11

    Thanks TT for taking a look at this for me. You brought out a lot of detail that I didn’t see. I’ve had this video for awhile now and it freaks me out still. The way this man is running away but every time he stops and looks over the Bigfoot is always there almost ahead of him. I’d hate to be hunted, we’re to easy as prey.

  11. Jason G

    Another great one, I would think a lot os sightings go without a fuss just because how human they look from a distance, yet again we see another body language? That turn and straight walk for the filmer yet another piece of puzzle is added ?Love the video, thank’s TT:)

  12. Soup GDWinney

    Howdy Y’all, and a belated Happy Birthday to you to Mr.ThunkMan!! LOL
    I only know about your B-Day from another commenter on here, & so it would be rude of me to not wish you the same, since I now know…was it the 8th? I only ask because my Dad’s was the 8th of August.
    Anyways, great job on the find Sir. But where is the stabilized version I’m always eager to see from you? Have I missed it here? (Newbie to the site & yes, newbies can be a pest) So if I’m gonna be a pest, I’m gonna damn well be the Best Pest I can be! LOL
    Point me to where I need to go y’all…please!?


  13. Soup GDWinney

    Okay, time to be that “Best Pest” I mentioned earlier Thinker. If you stop your stabilized video at the 2:37 mark, I swear it’s got something in its arms! It even looks directly down at it. Once it goes by the first set of trees, it’s no longer in its arms. Look at that :37 mark Sir. Do you not see a “hump” in its arms???
    Tell me I’m wrong, and I’ll think nothing more of it. But if any of you have an ounce of doubt, that makes my argument, very plausible, doesn’t it?
    I see what I see, and I can’t unsee it now. It’s right there….
    Isn’t it?

    • crittervillegal

      I see what you’re talking about. She appears to be looking down at her arms. Then when she goes behind the tree and glances towards the camera, it looks to me like she kinda stoops down as if to drop a little one off behind the tree. Just a very quick stoop, but you can see it. That’s a GREAT catch!!!

  14. DMZABO

    As usual Mr. Thinker Thunker you never fail to make great points to us believers. Thanks for doing what it is that only you do so well. Happy Belated Birthday! Hopefully you’ll have many many more Sir.

    Also never do any videos of the known hoaxer that goes by “SQUATCHMASTER” . He is a fool and someone who does a great injustice to our Sasquatch community. Thanks again T.T.

  15. desertman001

    I have seen videos in which bigfoot grabbed a branch as it walked by and it always looked like they were balancing themselves. But now I wonder if they move a branch to help divert attention away from their position and movements. In this video the animal exits to its left and shakes a branch on it’s right just before or as it emerges from the far side of the tree.
    The branch is thin and the animal seems to reach out a ways to hold it, it does not look like it would offer much support. In other films like the famous Freeman clip the animal is definitely just balancing or clearing the branch out of its way, but clips like the one above make me question the animals intentions.

  16. Jezter49

    I have seen this video and was hoping someone would stabilize it so I can see it better. Excellent job as always and your commentary is always a plus in your videos. It’s a Bigfoot.

  17. Katie Harmer

    Loved the long arms and the low sitting head, difficult to fake, and of course, you nailed the walk. I thought I could see a lightness in the chest area, perhaps lighter fur or clear skin maybe for the breasts.

  18. Shou

    Wow! That’s some spooky footage. If I saw a Sasquatch moving right at me I’d be scared as hell. The long arms on this individual are certainly striking! That’s a long reach.

  19. ohdwight

    oh wow ; freaky as all get out ! racoon heads? omg ; we used to pick up raccoons on our trail cam rummaging through the garbage ; 3 or 4 at a time . Now that bigfoot is on the scene , not a raccoon in sight for months now ; never do we see them on trail cams even in the yard at night ; just deer , a single red fox and a stray cat . Raccoons have vanished ; I wonder if bigfoot kills them all as they compete for the same leftovers.

  20. LilMama47

    WOW!! Those Looong Arms! The Shin Raise! The Tree Peeking!! The CHASE!!? This One Has It All! Thank you for Sharing This ThinkerThunker! Keep Up The Great Work ??p.s. I LOVE my ThinkerThunker T-shirt!?

  21. adamstallone539

    is there a help section? can i see all the videos you had on youtube here? I spent hours watching them on youtube, and loved them, signed up for patreon, got the link over to here, now I only find new videos. Is there a tab or link i can’t see?
    many thanks

  22. RobotPorter

    Of all the videos you’ve posted, this one looks the most like a guy in a cheap ape suit. The albedo on the chest pieces is too high for flesh, more akin to plastic. And you see some clear indications of mediocre arm extensions, including what looks like a crude gripping mechanism. Plus, a 45 degree angle doesn’t become a 90 degree angle just because you draw a 90 angle on top of it. The Paterson video does have that odd gait. This one does not.

    • ThinkerThunker

      Hey RobotPorter. I’ve heard a lot of people over the year talk about “men in monkey suits” with forearm extensions, but we’ve never seen one. If something only exists in imaginations … that’s not real, is it? But if you have a video of someone demonstrating how they pulled off a fake with a monkey suit and forearm extensions I’d sure like to see it. Thanks!

      • RobotPorter

        Well, I work in the movie business. So I have seen them. As for fake Bigfoot films, featuring guys in monkey suits, the Ray Wallace and Ivan Marx films are probably the most famous examples. But there are many others.

        You used to be a curious observer, making intriguing videos. Now you seem to be all-in. A true believer. So, you need to watch out for “true believer syndrome”. That’s more dangerous than a Bigfoot hurling rocks. And you’re displaying most of the signs.

        • magna11

          So what’s your name and what movies have you worked on? Really saying you work in the movie business holds no weight, pull something better out than that. Also once thinker replied to you you went on attack like a child. I may not work in the business but I know a bs’er when I read one….Shatner out!

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