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Bigfoot Encounter in South Park?

Bigfoot Encounter in South Park? (ThinkerThunker)

My little fanimation here took SEVEN DAYS of drawing characters, rigging them and animating. With a big chunk of that time spent watching South Park clips, trying to get the voices and characters right, then recording them and doing the lip-sync animations. (Seven days for ONE MINUTE of animation.) No wonder South Park just got paid almost a $BILLION to keep going three more years. Hats off to those guys. Maybe I should be an animator 🙂

*** Special thanks to South Park for being the defender of parody and “Fair Use,” all the way to the Supreme Court. Their regular and clever use of popular music, movies, famous faces and names helps blaze the trail for us all to legally express ourselves in different ways.

Bigfoot Encounter in South Park? (ThinkerThunker)

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