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Bone Chilling Howl – Strange Noise Caught on Video

A faint howl was recorded in Ontario Canada. Now hear it loud and stripped of noise – it’s bizarre. And see what it gets compared to in the end. In my opinion it’s astonishing. Give it a listen.

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  1. TheMissus

    Brilliant Breakdown! None of those sounds is a dog, at least not one I’ve ever heard. Sent chills down my spine. Can you imagine being out in the wilds of Ontario or Georgia (or anywhere else for that matter) and hearing that howl? Frankly the baby sounds are pretty creepy too.

    • ThinkerThunker

      TheMissus! Agreed. It was kinda spooky listening to the original, the thought of a human baby yelling at … Giant … to shut up. Or whatever it was the baby was saying. I don’t know babyspeak. Let’s go eat breakfast. How do buckwheat pancakes sound …? 🙂

    • displaced okie

      Hey T.T. This is very much like a vocalization that a cousin and I heard one night while in a tent. We were deer hunting In the Sierra Nevada mountains of Northern California, in the watershed of Tuolumne River. It was growing dark as we were setting up camp. We heard heavy bipedal foot steps above and upwind of us. We also smelled a horrible stench on the breeze for several seconds. We had been in the tent only for a few minutes, lights out, when we heard the growl/scream. It was very loud, starting with more of a growl, ending in a scream. It was so powerful it felt like it literally went through our bodies. The next day, less than a mile from our camp, we came upon human like tracks in mud that were 16 or 17 inches long, and a stride of about 66 inches. We used my boots to compare the prints for size, and my rifle to measure the stride length.

    • jeritadamson

      Have you heard the vocalizations at the website for the North American Dogman Project? They are in the Evidence section, and I would love to get your take on them plus on a video shot by two kids checking bug traps at night and then running–but a few frames capture something amazing…

  2. Michael Gaulden

    Amazing audio! There is no way these sounds are man-made, nor made by bears or wolves, or any other KNOWN North American animal. Whatever it was that was making those sounds, it’s a good thing it was far away. I would not want to come face to face with it, unless I was armed to the teeth!

  3. Buckley

    When my son and I listened to this on the phone with each other, we both thought it sounded very similar to the sound of the werewolf in ‘An American Werewolf in London.’. I wonder where the special effects got their sound from?

    But your analysis is bone-chilling!!!

    • ThinkerThunker

      Hey Buckley, thanks! And the sound design for American Werewolf in London used, or fused nine different sounds including a wolf, lion, panther and a locomotive. Amazing sounds, but what was amazing about the Ontario sounds is we could all see and hear where each one differed slightly from the others. As in it’s an organic scream. Not sounds fused together in a studio.

  4. glacierdog

    I live in Central Oregon, outside Bend, Oregon. It was this past May. I was taking my dog out before we all went to bed. I live in an area that is away from civilization, on the rim of a river gorge just outside of the town of Sisters. When the sun sets, it gets cave dark if there is no moon. I wear a headlamp using a green LED to illuminate my path. About 2 minutes into our walk to the clear area near my side yard, it got seriously quiet. I have a 55 pound weimariner who is very curious and a very good bird dog. It was just as we got to the clearing that I heard a scream very much like what you posted here. The scream was than followed by a concert of Cyotes barks and howles originating up and down the river gorge. Before the Cyotes started in, my dog was pulling me back to the door into the house. Hearing the amplified and cleaned up scream was almost an exact playback of what I heard. As a footnote, this is also when there are a lot of deer in the area feeding. Thank you for sharing. I now taking a Tascam digital recorder when I go out. I will let you know if I capture anything. As a footnote, I make no claims as to what I heard, but it sounded a lot like what was captured in your post.

    • ThinkerThunker

      Glacierdog, that’s an amazing story. Thanks for sharing that. And I’m THRILLED to hear you take out a little Tascam with you. Happy sonic hunting. I can’t wait to hear what you catch.

  5. redhair

    Hello, George here . I just have to say, that was just amazing. Your work on this was flawless. I was frozen and in complete fascination of it all . Your video gives excellent support for the voice capture in the original video and now you bring it further to light with the voice levels of the Wolf , Coyotes and Bear, followed by the tremendous roars of this hidden forest creature . It is so convincing , leaves me with no doubt of what it is .
    I look forward to more from you , and I must add that if i happened on this by chance on Animal Planet , The Travel Channel or the like , i would have not turned the channel or left the room . Your getting ( even better ) at this TT , hats off to ya .

  6. Jubal T

    Hey ThinkerThunker, another great video!! I think I’ve seen most if not all of your videos and I’ve enjoyed all of them. Congrats to you and the TheMissus on the new site!! I look forward to your next video. Proud to be a new Patreon!! The sound on this video was made by a Sasquatch, I’ve heard similar before myself. You’re right, they don’t all sound exactly the same just like humans don’t all sound exactly the same.

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