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Crazy Bigfoot Big Timber Montana

Kelly and the RMSO gang are following up on a sighting report from two hunters in the “Crazy Mountains” of all places. Sounds like they were being escorted out of the area by a HUGE Bigfoot estimated by to be six foot tall (KNEELING DOWN mind you.) With a estimated weight of 900 lbs. That is a true Forest Giant. Six foot tall kneeling would surely put him up there around nine to ten foot or taller when standing. What a sight that would be. He was said to be grey with matted hair to boot, making a giant popping sound.


  1. RMSO

    Thank you ThinkerThunker. Our small team has been very passionate about visiting Bigfoot sighting hotspots for many years now. We love to see & explore the places people frequently claim to encounter this modern day mystery. Would be tickled if our efforts eventually result in a sighting. Until then we enjoy the insight of visiting these locations 1st hand.

  2. TheMissus

    Really enjoyed the video, @RMSO – Never heard of the Crazy Mountains before your story, now I really want to go check them out (or do I?)! Thanks for the contribution to TT’s new website – very cool to have you guys here.

    • ThinkerThunker

      Thanks for your honesty. The thing for me is, these guys put in a mountain of effort going and checking out encounters. They’re putting their money where their mouth is. And their time and effort.

      So I for one want to encourage TGBF to continue, and thank them for all they’ve done. And wanted to recognize them for their efforts.

      And I did cover one of their videos where they were driving along and filmed something GIGANTIC in the trees. You should check it out. It’s pretty compelling.

  3. Richar Marsh

    Such a shame that reports from credible folks are mocked by complete horse pies like Sanibel noodler. Absolutely no problems believing people can know when they see something strange. Wildlife officials are either covering up their intelligence or are actually out-witted by a bag of hammers.

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