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Bigfoot marking it’s territory or extreme art? Something weird going on at 10,000 Feet

Hiking in the mountains, my wife and I came upon a pretty, odd scene. What we found there made little sense, and where we were made it all even creepier.


      • Dudlow

        The higher up, the more private and isolated the territory. For example, Colorado +/-10k’ elevation has a great many exceedingly large stick formations comprised of entire boles of sixty feet and longer and weighing several tons apiece – in other words, the entire trunks of truly conifer trees stripped of branches, packed and stacked in various formations. The 10k’ elevation level seems to be a possible demarcation point at and above which it is said the True Mountain Giants roam. Given the astounding size of their stick structures their 16′ stature is not that hard to believe, and it is said the other smaller species we are accustomed to seeing at lower elevations avoid their larger cousins like the plague. I sure wouldn’t want to meet one having a bad day.

      • Quriousgirl

        Hey TT,
        OmG! That’s scary territory. Did you see any dung droppings in the area or in the ‘tee-pee’ when you went in to investigate?
        You say you and your wife are careful and I hope you are careful enough to bring a couple of guns. I for one would not want anything bad happen to y’all where you and your wife become statistics.
        Thanks again for the adventure!

  1. ebrannon2

    Finally got Logged in to the new site. It certainly is interesting to see these structures at 10,000 feet. How big of an area did you examine and how many structures were located in the said area? I believe these could be look out shelters for the family unit. Only used as temp shelter for incoming observation.

    • ThinkerThunker

      Hey Ebrannon, you’re one of the first able to sign up – welcome here! Thanks.

      And yeah, it was weird. I”m not a field researcher, don’t claim to be. And know people find HUGE tree structures. But to just be out on a hike with your wife and stumble on something that made no sense being there. Along with the scratched and mauled tree right there beside all the structures … I just wanted to share with everyone to see what the community thought.

      • RickL

        Hi, Everyone, new to the forums & checking everything out. So far I really like it. The structures without question is interesting. Being retired young, I met some of the most respected people in the hobby while looking to gain more friends. I plan on making videos for YouTube hopefully checked out by thinker as he is amazing.

        I always invested in alot of money into each of my Hobby’s and this research though I did not need to, several thousand dollars went into it for gear already so I can travel a bit. Anyways, I am looking forward to new videos from thinker and talking to you all. God bless , have a wonderful evening.

  2. TheMissus

    All I can say is those structures, along with that torn up tree, made what would normally be an uneventful hike, a bit creepy and mysterious. Sure makes you wonder what’s right in your own backyard so to speak.

    • ThinkerThunker

      Isn’t that the truth? We’re were just hiking for crying out loud. You don’t expect to stumble upon something possibly bizarre and inexplicable.

  3. Z-man

    Wonder whether the individual branches could be analyzed in one way or another. Sawing off a few ends and sending them to experts in woodwork or biology to establish how, by what means they were removed, whether the broken ends were subjected to some kind of primitive tool making process (being rubbed against rocks to make them dull or spear like – if you pause it at x.xx you can see those kind of ends).

    It would also be interesting to re-visit these builds within a year or so to see what happened to them like new branches added or sawn-off end branches removed.

  4. Z-man

    With the x:xx I meant the time, 2:40 in this case, where the big thick branch points towards 11 o’clock between the two trees. This end for example looks as if it had been flattened.

  5. Ace1USMC

    The base is a square, with support structure to keep the logs that are leaned over from sliding. That is man-made. Animals know nothing about squares because nothing found occurring naturally in nature is a square. Well, at least nothing that I can thunker of…

    • dpietrack

      I’ve found many structures in Colorado between 9,000′-10,000′. Some of them have a square base, some have a triangular base, some have a round base. I find dead fall placed in the shape of squares all the time. Many of these formed squares appear to have had the ground within the square cleared of debris.

    • ThinkerThunker

      Define “animal.” If it’s something that finds us, yet we can’t find them no matter what we do … I would say that’s a species of higher intelligence. At least when it comes to playing hide n go seek.

      • dpietrack

        I’ve found that one of the most common mistakes you can make when trying to evaluate Sasquatch behavior, is assuming that they behave like an animal. That assumption will only confuse. The Sas is not a bear or cat or moose, they don’t act or react like other wild animals.

  6. Jason G

    What a find, if the tree Structures can be found so can Bigfoot? Nathan Reo was right? there everywhere, a plan is needed? your Structures look fresh and not old like some so that might be a good place to research?

  7. Queen Cnut

    I don’t understand why more anthropologists are not tripping over themselves to research this incredible species and it’s clearly delineated and affected habitat. It beggars belief actually that a massive hominin is living alongside us and is being wilfully ignored by the scientific community. These structures and all the associated forest activity around them are undeniably non-human, and given their scale there is no other explanation for them.

  8. SGT-D

    I’ve spent some time in the woods in this country & elsewhere. I cannot recall noticing any of these “structures,” but wasn’t really looking beyond what our “mission” was on any particular day. However, on occasion, my memory is jogged for some reason, and I’ll say to myself something like: “How exactly did a 4 inch diameter, 4 foot long log fall from way up in those trees, and land directly in the center of that pile of camouflage support poles? Well, nobody got hurt, so lets keep getting stuff packed up to go home. Hmmmmm…….

    • ThinkerThunker

      Could be. But not where these were at. No camping allowed. And just that day someone had made a little fire pit way down below. Park Rangers were there taking it apart, removing the rocks and cleaning the area up, removing any and all traces. So I don’t think they would allow building structures.

      • dpietrack

        I’ve been to an area 20 miles north of Vail, where most of the year there is several feet of snow. There are no trails, no camping, no reason for anyone to be there ever. I lived in the Vail area for 25 years and there isn’t any kind of house or building within about 15 miles of this spot. The many many structures we found there, we found completely by chance. Nothing there had anything to do with bushcraft or the survival scene. I’m not suggesting that either of these activities can’t play a small part in the building of structures, but to suggest that most of these structures are man made, is just a conclusion that is not based on any first hand knowledge.

  9. mousefighter

    Hey Im a new member, love your videos man. They are so entertaining, even though I often have questions. Stay safe up there, bring some defensive items please.

  10. diggerdog

    TT congrats on your new site! Getting away from the imploding YT is a great idea. That is an interesting structure you filmed. The ones that I have run into didn’t seem so complex. The tree marks, I have to think about. Could be a small bear, but not entirely convinced that it is one. I have an example of that type of claw/fingernail marks too, but at eye level and where I have found BF tracks. A suggestion, for examples of large and unusual structures you way want to take a look at Colorado Bigfoot on YT. He does find them in the Rockies. And to finish, just saw the new 411 doc movie The Hunted. That movie will make a lot of people uncomfortable. Anyway congrats on the site.

  11. Donovan Stringer

    Hey Mr Thinkerthunker, fuzzpope here, glad to see you are doing well and congrats on your new digs.

    I’ve spent a long, long time studying these structures, poring over all the video footage I could find, I’ve also come across some myself in close proximity to the Cahaba river.

    They serve no utilitarian function whatsoever. So, if they have no tangible use, then what the hell did something obsess over these creations, and it IS obsessive, clearly a driven execution of intent, but what intent?

    I have an idea, one no more or less impossible than anyone else’s. You ready?

    A Sasquatch asked another sasquatch why it made those bizarre structures. The other sasquatch replied, “I think, therefore I am.”.

    • ThinkerThunker

      Hey FuzzPope! Cogito ergo sum for sure 🙂

      How’s things in the world of oscillators, knobs and wires? I’m still banging out beats on my little Roland JD XI. I love that thing. And yeah, I totally agree with what you’re saying about these structures not having any practical use – for us. Maybe we need to think like a Giant. Maybe they live to create art out of sticks and logs and eat deer meat and bang out beats on logs. Not a bad life.

      • Donovan Stringer

        (Part one)

        Mr ThinkerThunker, the world of oscillators, knobs, and wires is well! I’ve recently pared back my mammoth eurorack modular, from well over 35u x 104hp to maybe half that? The narrowed focus gives me a tighter utilization of the rig, which I’ve seen a noticeable improvement in my patching. There’s a long standing discipline in the gear world, where it matters less what you actually have versus how you use it, so I’m betting you’re a formidable talent with your Roland!

        As to the structures. I’ve spent so much time obsessing over these things, as I’m sure you have as well. A recent article on them was published that gave us a powerful insight. Forestry officers expressed alarm over their potential fire hazard in drought-vulnerable areas, and among the info presented, they pointed out that they have found structures made overnight, consisting of over 1,000 pieces. OVERNIGHT. In terms of tangible, forensic evidence, we need look no further for proof of a self-aware, upright biped, these structures catagorically prove their existence.

        As for my comment above, unfortunately cut off by accident hitting the reply button, I’ve come to wonder if they are not pure expressions of self-awareness, as in, I think therefore I am, HERE IS THE PROOF.

    • dpietrack

      Most of the research indicates that Sasquatch are aware that their footprints and the footprints of other animals. If this is true, they must certainly realize their structures are evidence of where they play, yet they apparently can’t resist.
      There are several theories about the possible functions of these structures.
      1. We’ve all seen animals that go to extreme measures to showcase their skills to attract a mate. Most of the time we have no clue why it is attractive to a potential mate.
      2. We know that ancient- primitive cultures that had their beginnings in the forests and jungles, manipulated natures materials to communicate messages to others that would follow. Is there any doubt that Sasquatch is probably an ancient-primitive something?
      3. Why did the earliest man draw on the walls of the caves he lived in? I don’t think he was documenting his environment for us. Could it be he was decorating his home like we do? The home of the Sasquatch is the forest, and maybe he is decorating his home.

  12. Donovan Stringer

    Mr TT, I’m surprised someone else hasn’t already vocalized this concern, so I will:

    Please take the greatest care when entering a 411 cluster area. I have most of Dave’s books and have listened to dozens and dozens of hours of his lectures and radio interviews, I am acutely focused on the subject, and give the phenomenon it’s due regard of fear and awe; this is something that utterly exceeds us and our cognitive limits.

    Please follow Paulides’ advice and carry both a personal transponder and a firearm. Do not take unnecessary risks. Paulides himself has conceded that he no longer hikes alone in certain areas.

    I wonder if and when we will arrive at a nexus ywhere a 411 field researcher meets with a fatal degree of success and actually comes across it in person.

    I’d prefer it if you were not that person.

    • ThinkerThunker

      Thanks Donovan, I appreciate the concern. On a pretty, sunny day, hiking with you’re beautiful wife you think as you’re heading out, “What could possibly go wrong on a day like today?” I guess that’s pretty naive. Especially for someone who knows just how dangerous Giants can be. And I shutter at the thought of how much time I use to spend up there alone? I got vibed out and left several times.

  13. redhair

    Any of these structures could be made by a man, maybe some adventurous hunter or hiker , but i think not .
    Trees in general, with their branches and pliable limbs would be as important to a big foot as fire and spears were to prehistoric man . Limps, leaves , shrubs, and branches would be a material big foot would covet every hour of his life, from the day he opened his eyes seeing a mother sitting beneath a canopy of trees. He would be trained to use the woods for all his survival needs. As an adult or offspring would need shelter for the cold winter storms .
    I would guess that the huts could have been constructed as a temporary shelter , only used for limited periods of time . Because of the constant hunt for berries, roots, animal kills , ( maybe humans ) , and streams for water , the creatures abandon the huts and move on , building new ones in future woodlands. The huts might be used by females for a temporary nursery of some sort . From the videos we have seen, a big foot would have to forage constantly , thus moving from mountain top to valley and beyond , always moving in perfect harmony with the woods.
    There are other tree structures i believe could be built as fencing indicating the creature’s domain and possibly a warning to any animal or human to stay away, a substitute for an on stage, in person threat dance .
    The crossed limps and bent tree limps could be some sort of expression unique to each individual, if not a fence , art maybe, who knows ? .

  14. harrypprice

    I read many if not all the comments after watching the video and noticed the reactions of people: fear, territorial responses (I’m on someone/something’s land), awe, respect, disbelief mingled with caution. So seems to me that the structures builders are sending a clear message and humans are receiving the message clearly. The message is “Be careful, respect us, you are not on your land, we are intelligent, strong, and to be feared.”

  15. Stan Webb

    What you stubble in to a Relic Hominoid Bed Room or Mating Area or snow home!!! Were the stick lean-to open at bottom so one could crawl in if it snowed… Maybe just few sticks move would leave an opening… Saw these win my grandfathers woods in Southern Ohio and He said the old men of the forest built them and used them… not that many in area of 110 acre.

  16. LeeAnn aka Oreo

    I just want to say that we have year round activity on our property and any serious persons who are wanting to capture footage, can camp on the property and attempt to do so. Just don’t shoot our horse! You can email me at

    • ThinkerThunker

      That is an amazing offer Oreo. Thank you. Could you tell us a little about what type of activity you’re having? And what part of the country, as in what State? You don’t have to be specific about your exact location. But it would be interesting to know if it’s mountainous, wetlands, etc ….

      It sounds like a trailcam or two placed strategically might provide some interesting results. (Although they rarely ever do 🙂 It just seems a shame to not even try.

  17. TL Redwine

    I’ve heard it theorized these structures are temporary nurseries, meant to hold a little squatch while the parents are out hunting. Unlike the bow-huntress video where the little one was just left by a tree, not 30 yards from huntress in her blind.
    Congrats Thinker on getting away from evil YT! I’m buying a shirt next!

  18. Herb

    Greetings TT from West Texas:
    Man that Bigfoot TeePee in the video is definitely strange.
    My guess is , if some one were to use Google and research the “power of a pyramid” shape, they may be close to figuring out what these structures are.
    I have always believed that these entities are not of our time/ dimension …..I suspect these are created to form some weird vortex that allows them to travel from one dimension to another.
    Hillbilly Logic 101 🙂
    Have a GREAT day Amigo!!

  19. daeo

    Nice video T.T., I was back camping two weeks ago and ran into something very similar but only about four foot tall, i didn’t bother taking a picture of it because it had some orange baling twine still hanging off the top of it as if it had been untied. Plus it was right next to a campfire ring, and plenty of sign of people, vehicle. So people will copy. What I experienced the previous two days though was very unexpected, I wasn’t able to get video or sound but I did get a visual with my IR monocular for a second of a visitor in my campsite, a very large visitor.
    plan on going back for measurements soon.

  20. Mike

    I was looking at Native American symbols. There is a symbol for friendship which
    is two arrows crossing. Second, there is a temporary lodging symbol with a teepee
    with horizontal lines stacked inside the teepee from bottom to top. Do you think
    the “X” structure could mean friendship? (use Bing and search using “native american
    symbols and meanings for friendship) Also, the clusters of trees that are leaned
    against other trees with the horizontal trees balanced in the middle, do you that
    symbol means temporary lodging? (use Bing and search for “native american symbols a
    nd meanings for temporary lodging”) I am trying to take a logical approach to these
    symbols and this is the only logical thing I can think of at the moment.

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