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Don’t Believe?

Are you a bigfoot skeptic or doubter? There’s far too much evidence, recorded on video mind you, to at least consider the existence of Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Yeti, Skunk Apes, Grassmen, Forest Giants or whatever else these elusive-yet-herculean beings go by. Here you’ll find a series of ThinkerThunker’s most convincing and persuasive videos that’ll help answer the question: Does Bigfoot Exist?
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Bigfoot Throwing a Tree

1st, grab a ten lb weight, go out in the backyard and from a complete standstill see how far you can toss the dumbbell with just one arm. Like you’re tossing a softball. Then watch the clip.

Alberta Bigfoot Photo - Proof it's not a Bear

Christmas Bigfoot Giant - 13 ft Tall!

I live in the mountains, I measure and am familiar with these trees. The tree used for measuring the Giant if a minimum of 13 to 24 inches.

TimberGiantBigfoot's "Giant Revealed" reveals Baby on Board!

Youtuber’s TimberGiantBigfoot Filmed this footage near his home. Skeptics claim it’s nothing but a man in a monkey suit – but since when did monkey suits come with automatronic babies attached to the head piece?

Must Hear Audio! Screaming sounds in the woods of Georgia

The original video, posted by youtuberJimmy Dillard, thought it was a “crazy homeless guy screaming in the woods.” But NOBODY on the planet has pipes like these. Hear it for yourself

Cracking the Bigfoot Code

How to tell a Bigfoot from a man in a monkey-suit, finally! (No, I’m not kidding)

White Bigfoot Caught at Night

You think this is a guy wearing a mask? A simple artist’s trick reveals it couldn’t be.

Bigfoot, Giants and Proof

Has the Bigfoot proof we’ve been waiting for been right under our noses all along?

Can you walk with three or four foot strides? Or longer …?

Is Bigfoot a Neanderthal?

Is this proof? Body ratios don’t lie and can’t be faked. Watch along as I compare Bigfoot, Man and Neanderthal.

Bigfoot vs Buffalo

Would you risk death by buffalo to pull off a Bigfoot hoax? In this clip we see four big, furry somethings (Bigfoot) stalking four buffalo in Yellowstone National Park..

Scientists weigh in on Bigfoot! - And gets it 100% Wrong

This clip proves Scientists are only human.

And now for a bit of Bigfoot fun 🙂

Bigfoot fighting a Bear. This video, posted by Sasquatch Central II has gone viral with almost 1 Million views. It’s been one of my most requested video breakdowns so it’s time to take a good, hard look.