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Google Ads …. Big Bucks or Waste of Time?

In the spirit of not wasting your time ….

Google Ads were for me a complete waste of time. For me.

I made .08 cents a day over the past weekend, starting Friday afternoon. And that was with a new video release Friday which always generates a good deal of traffic for me.

“I earned .08 cents a day with Google ads – WOOHOOO!”

Now here’s where some would say … now hang on there ThinkerThunker, you just started your site. Be fair.


My site is brand new. And I didn’t hire any web experts or designers, I pieced this thing together with duct tape and bailing wire. And have no idea what I’m doing here. But she’s holding up pretty well. Traffic wise.

Surprisingly I found my site over the past 30 days had over forty thousand unique visitors.

And I checked another site called “” to verify those stats. I was shocked to learn is already ranked 94,728th of all American websites, and 416,376th out of every single site in the world.

Now I realize 416,376th in the world might not sound too good. Until you factor in that there are 1.7 BILLION websites – live – in the world right now! According to

So 416,376th place ain’t too bad for a newbie. That puts my little site in the top 2 1\2 percent, traffic wise in the whole world!

Which means I would have to have Instagram’s traffic to make enough with Google ads to be able to buy a couple of Happy Meals for my wife and I.

I’m exaggerating a bit. But you get my point.

So that was my experience with Google ads. And now I’m happy to say Google ads are GONE! I yanked en!

Not that I didn’t appreciate the .25 cents I earned. I just wonder how in the world Google is going to stay a MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR POWERHOUSE in business if everyone gets results similar to mine?

And since I don’t have a Facebook account, and never will … looks like I’m back to just having and my familiar tshirt, cap and tip me with Paypal banners. Live and learn. I’m figuring this out as I go 🙂

Thanks for reading! And thank you all for being here. This is your site too.
We’re a community. Be proud.

I feel bad now. Once the smoke settled I found that Google ads had paid me more than double what I said. It was .45 cents, not .25.

So now TheMissus and I are gonna take that .45 cents and take a nice, long vacation on some sunny beach for a while. All compliments of Google 🙂


  1. Xrae Brown

    Tell you what TT, if you like my doodles that I have been sending you, we can split the profit and you can do something retail with them.
    As ever,
    Yowwwwie AKA Xrae

  2. girlpaint

    Just solely based on your impressive numbers (WOW!), surely some enterprising business would like to place an ad or two? I would venture a guess that among your followers, fans and subscribers, there’s a business person that’d be chomping at the bit to advertise here

  3. brbagonzo

    The Google add deal is good for future companies to invest in you. It’ll show your worth the investment and that you’ll deliver what they pay you for. I’d keep doing them.

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