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1st: Welcome to my 986 New Subscribers!
Here at my 1st month anniversary – Thank you!

So is this for real? Have people had enough with Government secrecy and their ready to risk their lives to get answers …?

Let me hear from ya below or in the FORUM!

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  1. delle

    Hey there! Glad to see you are still putting out videos! If it wasn’t raining right now I would try out that running thing, that and some PF flyers ought to make me extra fast!! Keep up the excellent work.

    • cdaniels

      I”m going to post a couple right now and i have camera’s but thats just to keep them away from my bedroom and bathroom windows at night. I have a window thats 15 feet up and i have a Sasquatch head at the top of the damn window. They walk on my roof, I thought my roof was going to cave in. I still need to go up there and see if there is any damage. I’m going to post a couple right now I know you will enjoy hopefully you can pull the figures out better than I did. At night time during a new moon they were waiting at the edge of the grass line to roam the neighborhood. It wasn’t completely dark so i took a couple with my iPhone i also have some good ones with my SLR.

    • cdaniels

      I posted a link to the photo’s. I was reading the about section and thought I would let you know that if you wanted the answers to Sasquatch and basically the reason why we chose to be on this earth all of that information can be found in “The Law Of One” by Ra. A group of people channeled higher beings and it just so happened to be the group of mind/spirit entities Known as Ra. The same Ra from ancient Egypt. I know this sounds crazy and it’s hard to get into because everyone is almost immediately turned off by it, but there is a reason for that. Most people aren’t suppose to know the information, Once you know the reason the reason you won’t experience this life the same meaning the lessons we learn are less valuable. Thinker thunker if you read this check it out you can listen to the question and answer sessions on youtube. You will get the urge to turn it off and you will find out the reason for that if you listen to the information. It’s pretty amazing and life changing to say the least. The changelings were conducted in 1980-1984 and the info would have been possible to believe then but since then so much of the information is common knowledge or made public already.

  2. sillywoodapes76

    1st off
    Im out of shape im 42 i sit and watch thinkerthunker and others on youtube most of my spare time. Even in highschool i ran the mile in 7 mins flat. So im slow i know im slow im almost average at best. I cant out run bullets so im just not gonna be able to make it.
    With that being said, if the countries leaders know some top secret bigfoot info or have spaceships and alien body’s in there possession i would love to know atleast some of it. Surely it wouldnt effect the world so bad what could it hurt? Idk maybe father knows best and we should listen to the swamp gas stories for everyones sake!!
    I dont think any of can really ….really answer that question with absolute certainty. Sometimes it pays to leave well enough along.

  3. Tundra21dc

    TT…so happy and grateful to see you still bringing us videos and breakdowns of them. You da man! Going to go by me a TT shirt now! Keep up the great work brother!

  4. Daithi G

    Hi ThinkerThunker from David here in Ireland I’ve been a follower for a while now and your new site has a touch of quality about it fair play to you a step in the right direction one might say, love the layout and the easy access to other items topics and sites etc so yeah well done.

    PS: Eh BF Tony has the translation for the Russian video.

    • ThinkerThunker

      Thank you Daithi. I appreciate that. And one of our members here translated the Russian video into an srt file for me. There’s not a ton of information in it, but it is interesting nonetheless. Hopefully I’ll have that posted soon.


  5. Paul Andrulis

    Wow. I guess those guys haven’t heard of miniguns. Wouldn’t matter how many “showed up” at that point. Picture from telephoto closeups show automated minigun emplacements. I also guarantee there are hidden missile emplacements as well. Add in military gunships and what would happen is called a slaughter, anime running or not.

  6. Stephen Huls

    LOL wish I could be there to film it, if anyone actually shows up. Now, reality, is…. after generations of gossip, movies, documentaries, youtubers, all talking about it.
    does anyone actually think… there is anything of value even on the area 51 site anymore.? I bet they moved it all long ago…and keep up the drama and sci fi folks fired up.. so as to use it as a obvious decoy. for there are many areas. and we know what was once there…no longer is there. duh.
    mean while, good luck with raiding a us military installation, = natural selection process underway is what I could call it.

  7. StandsWithABeer

    lethal force is authorized at “area 51”. The option to shoot the trespasser (felon) or not, rests with the trespasser. Some of the government’s highest secrets live at “the area”. If one of the “million” gains access, that is and shall be unacceptable. Don’t be an idiot. Private security runs that place, and who they answer to is unknown; therefore, there will be no accountability when/if your body is dragged away.

  8. yofi tofi

    Hmm… how bout those half million people all bring drones? Surround the perimeter and fly them in filming. Though the secrets will surely all be under ground or in buildings.

  9. Jason G

    September 20umm see me Birthday is October 20 and there’s a BIG parttay? and I aren’t allowed go co’s them’s Aliens have been known to take people off put things in them and stuff, my wife said I’m had enough to deal with without being traumatized by them Aliens, but I did see a star that little stars came out of ether side of and the way in which they flew was like nothing we have like no plain, I saw them with my then girlfriend now wife, there is a Navy video of what they said looked like a tic-tack ufo and that’s petty much what we saw, That arm’s back run I will do ?‍♀️everytime i go the shops ,, but can’t make the storming thing (big parttay n all that) Sorry but god’s speed to y’all’s.

    • ThinkerThunker

      LOL. Hey TB, thanks. Gift away!

      Not sure how much “analysis” went into this. It was fun making though. I guess anytime half a million people are even joking around about storming a top secret government facility, joking around or not, it’s worth looking into.

  10. Melohdee

    Hi ThinkerThunker.

    First off, since I’m Canadian I can only tell you what I believe to be true, and that’s any government projects or institutions that are funded by tax payers dollars should provide full disclosure to it’s citizens! Really, what are they trying to protect people from? Knowing too much? Tax payers deserve to know where their hard earned money is going and on WHAT it is being spent. I agree, people are fed up with the BS of governments and are tired of working for their whims! FULL DISCLOSURE should happen.

    That being said, I almost spit our my coffee when you commented on the naturo run. Do people really follow the example of anime in this day and age. Where are the real hero’s for us to follow?

    Love your videos. Keep up the great work.

    • Melohdee

      Sorry for the spelling mistakes, my computer likes to guess the word I am trying to type and replace it with its own. I should have proofread better. πŸ™

      • Jax

        Hi Melohdee. I get it. I had to turn off my auto correct. It drove me nuts, especially when I didn’t notice until after I posted comments, etc. Have a good day!!

  11. The Man

    Seriously, I watched the Bob Lazar documentary on Netflix last night..absolutely fascinating. I almost forgot how much I love alien/UFO stories and conspiracy…I am a believer BTW. Great site TT, happy to be aboard. Thanks for the videos.

    • ThinkerThunker

      You’re totally welcome TM. And yeah, Lazar … his job was reverse engineering UFOs. Particularly “the sports model.” I wouldn’t mind taking that thing out for a spin.

  12. Massimo Leonardi

    happy to be in the TT community,greetings from swiss,btw,when i would live in the US,i would visit the location and watch this event,when they try to enter,it will be better then every concert or movie!!

  13. RichiefromBoston II

    What could go wrong, first off most of the “attending” wont be able to get thier moms to drive them, and second storming a military base wont work. ever.

    • ThinkerThunker

      Hey Richie from Boston!

      What’s up man? I think you’re totally discounting the validity of the whole “Naruto” running aspect of this. It totally works!

      (Go check out this guy’s channel on YT)

  14. Philippos Philippou

    Well its a good way to smoke out the Aliens when the date is fast approaching they will have to be on the move before the storm troopers break through lol I hope someone is posted outside to catch the exit plan lol

  15. Dean

    TT- I’m glad to see new site. I hope “Storm” is a joke because if it’s real it’s not going to end well for the participants and it’s not going to matter how many of them there are.

  16. Doc.Holliday

    Well i guess one way to look at it is at least we’re thinning the herd a bit. It’s getting a bit crowded with all the illegals crossing our border and all! Anyway, well done on the video it gave me a good laugh this morning. I like the new site and look forward to checking out future videos. Take care.

  17. Mike Speaker

    Big fan. Whole family watches your stuff. See we will agree to disagree. I don’t think the general public needs to be in Area 51 not because of UFO crap but because we actually might have something for security reasons we don’t need the rest of the world to see. I also don’t think the outside world is nearly sophisticated enough to see state secrets. Again. My opinion love your work on Bigfoot. My wife is starting to come around because of your videos

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