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Ranchita Wood Ape Video Series – Part 2 and Part 3 Now Available

Ranchita Wood Ape - ThinkerThunker Video Breakdown Series

In Part 1 of the Ranchita Wood Ape series we put “Bigfoot Breakdown Experts” to the test and showed where the Ranchita Woodape photo WAS NOT photoshopped (proving the experts wrong.)

***Part 1 –

###Parts 2 Part 3 are accessible by YouTube Members and Patrons only###

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In Part 2 we explored how the photo WAS NOT shot in a zoo.

***Part 2 – (Members & Patrons Only)

In Part 3 we explore a couple of questions:

  • Is it an ape? and
  • What are “Bigfoot Breakdown Experts” expert at?” ‘Watch and decide for yourself.
  • Remember I provided all my credentials and areas of expertise in Part 1.

***Part 3 – (Members & Patrons Only)

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