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Recognize This Guy …?

Here is a still from a video I’m working on. I’m sorry to say the whole video doesn’t look this good. In fact, it’s a shaky, blurry WRECK! (As usual.) But I’m trying my best to stabilize and fix the video. And will say … at first I thought this video was yet another throw -away. But as it turns out … there’s something pretty amazing here. Stay tuned in the coming weeks 🙂

Crested head, no neck, massive shoulders, arms and chest … the classic Bigfoot, Sasquatch profile.

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    • ThinkerThunker

      Whoa! I just googled Juggernaut, he does 🙂

      Except this guy above might have a little more hair\fur. And instead of being in a movie, he’s out in someone’s field kicking up dust and raising a good and proper ruckus!

  1. Moobs

    Another U.S.A squatch’n channel has night vision footage live from his research area, of electrical interference on the camera as it sounds like he’s getting nuked.

    Then the camera settles down audiable distortion decreases and his moans stop at exactly the same time???

    Woo thoughts, I don’t think Squatch’s have inter dimensional telepathic teleporting abilities, i do think our govt’s have a management program in place. To hold the squatch’s back from human society, using some kind of energy weapon, of which, this investigator appears to received a blast.

    So many encounters are reported with the accompanying anecdote, i felt hot, i felt drained, i felt sapped………

    TR3B’s, fully cloaked even in broad daylight, with no sound & no heat signiture, delivering direct hit energy bursts .

    Ever wonder why 1967 was the last best footage of these giants? Is it because those old cameras were analogue and couldn’t be nuked as easily.

    • ThinkerThunker

      Interesting. However, I wonder if these guys can be controlled, by anybody?
      And some associate the symptoms you mentioned along with being confused and disorientated with being blasted by ultra low frequency sound (ULFs.)
      I know a got a good screaming at, twice. Besides my skin crawling and hair standing on end, I felt those, down in my gut.

      • Moobs

        Thanks TT, have you seen this video i am refering to?
        It’s clearly audible that both the camera and operator are responding to “something” that affects them both simultaneously.
        Both are “groaning” at the same time, then it stops….then it restarts.
        As you are a tech guy, you are perfectly placed to analyse what they claim, would love to hear your take on it.

    • dpietrack

      Moobs, interesting comment. Energy weapons exist but don’t know if they are being used for the purpose you are suggesting, I certainly agree about the analogue cameras. It appears that the government definitely has a management program in place. I think I agree with TT, I don’t belief the Sas can be controlled, but they can be killed. The evidence I’ve heard clearly shows that some part of our government is authorized to kill the Sasquatch when they become a problem.

  2. ilona murry

    I speak fluent Russian so can translate everything the people said. The people in the car sounded truly scared. They commented how it was the same one they saw the previous day.

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