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Login With Google\Youtube ID!

Some of you were having problems registering or logging in. Sorry about that 🙂

Hopefully I’ve solved that by allowing you to use your Google ID. (Shown in the graphic above) Login or register now

For those who prefer to register using WordPress, the blog my site uses. See below ….

Never received your confirmation email after registering? 1st check your spam filter. If it’s not there email me (thinkerthunker) @ I’ll get ya going as quick as possible. Thanks!

For those who can’t see the videos. I’m guessing you’re using Firefox. For some reason it has a problem with my videos. So sorry about that. But I do know Google Chrome works great, and is free. Here’s the link.

Still have problems …? Comment here once registered. Thanks!


  1. turboxstar

    Testing leaving a comment. I did register. Email was in inbox easy enough. I didnt have to register to watch latest vid. Fyi. But of course I am now registered. Nice evidence comparison.

  2. graham lovatt

    Finding it difficult to access your new site ! get asked for passwords or gmail and now my gmail is unavailable when searching for alloted password ! could be me ! However, I have watched many of your Bigfoot Videos , they are great entertainment, you have a way with words,, and confirm my long held belief in the species , having watched it seems, hundreds of videos over years. They cant all be fake, and anyone daft enough to dress up in a fursuit in the backwoods , to scare hikers in America,, would have to wear a lot of bullet proof underwear !!

  3. Mark Clapham

    Hia TT, I find all your work very intriguing and glad we’ve got someone like you who takes a hell of a lot of time thinking,analysing, explaining and experimenting on our behalf! Keep up the good work – love it ?

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