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[ATTN WORLD] Scientific Proof of Bigfoot is HERE!

[ATTN WORLD] Scientific Proof of Bigfoot is HERE!
[UPDATE: Scientific Bigfoot Proof]  Proportional DNA - the Death of Bigfoot Skepticism (members only release):

The Bigfoot debate is over as of today. ThinkerThunker presents scientific proof that Big, Furry Giants (BFGs) exist.

In fact this is the first time he’s ever said that publicly — that Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Forest Giants do in fact exist!

Share this video with your “non-believing” friends, educate them, see if they can prove Thunker wrong. (They can’t.)

Remember: Ignorance of proof does not mean that proof doesn’t exist.

Hey Tribe Members,

THANK YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH for your support!

You’ll be seeing this before the general public, as always 🙂 But I thought this one needed to be shared with everyone.

Have a great weekend everybody — be safe!

~TT (ThinkerThunker)

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