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Senators Hold UFO Briefing ….

We’re hearing more and more UFO reports in the news. And now, finally, we’re hearing actual reports of Washington actually admitting they’re discussing the matter. A Senator’s Spokesperson revealed “Potential encounters could pose safety concerns and need to be looked into.” Anything for National security.

Read the original story here.

I’m amazed we’re even hearing this much. In the past Washington allays fed us their favorite line, “It’s just swamp gas.”

When Trump was asked for a comment he said he didn’t believe in UFOs, but had been briefed by Navy Pilots about several encounters. Trump told the press, “I want them to think whatever they think.” (He was talking about the Pilots, I think 😉


  1. Herb

    Tree structures:
    I believe there’s a connection between the tree structures (Tee Pee Type) and the energy power that is emitted from a pyramid shape.
    Google the ‘power of a pyramid and you will see they do send out an energy field. Do Bigfoot use this ‘power’ to come & go from our dimension?Me thinks SO!
    🙂 Herb

  2. dpietrack

    Hi Herb, you are correct about the possibility that their structures help concentrate energy. How and if they use that energy is up for discussion. I saw an electrician test and measure it.

  3. Dr Philth

    So sick of the swamp gas theory, im in melbourne Australia and live near no swamp ive had what is now countless sightings i can confirm to be nonhuman aircraft or at the very least supressed technology acquired from another species, we cant split single vehicles into 8 individual aircrafts and then reattach them, we cannot turn orb shaped crafts into literal star shapes we cant teleport back and forth or fly directly upward not to mention almost all of my encounters were in group channeling sessions meaning whatever these beings are have some inconceivable grasp of space time and can possibly tune into thought frequencies like it was a walkie talkie. If the bible is right theyre demons but if that was true why havent i been tricked into worshipping them?, i infact hate them theyre the equivalent of a person watching a wasp annhilate a bee hive and not helping in anyway knowing full well bees will be extinct in the next 20 years

  4. StevenH

    I think the forum is a great idea because it provides us with a way to post videos and photos and comments straight to TT. In the past, I tried to contact TT but had zero luck. Now we have a doorway into his world.

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