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Skunk Ape or Chewbacca Dragging a Fish?

Something weird’s going on here in this clip. What does your eye tell you?

– Skunkape getting married –
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    • ThinkerThunker

      Yes. I assumed by putting “Chewbacca” in the title everyone would get I was having a little fun with this video. I guess either you didn’t get that, or didn’t watch the video. Have a look, you might be entertained.

      Besides, just saying “DEBUNKED” is about as fun and interesting as being constipated. But again, thank you.

      • pmaxey

        As soon as it came on screen in the first couple seconds I was thinking this thing is way too small. Then I looked at it and was like nope. Lol. Anyway, I’m pretty sure it’s the same thing across the nation but just with different names. Sunk ape, Bigfoot ic. Same thing I believe.

  1. frostagent333

    If this is a hoaxer, nothing would make me happier than a hunter seeing it and shooting it dead. Either way we have a dead loser hoaxer that we dont have to worry about any more, or finally proof that bigfoot exists and we can protect the species worldwide

    • frostagent333

      Now that ive finished the video and realize it was an April fools joke, let me amend my previous post. Nothing wouldve made me happier if this joke turned to tragedy as he was attacked and dragged off by an enormous Alligator. That would put an end to their stupid april fools permanently.

    • Massimo Leonardi

      totally agree,no one else would walk over fields with suits any more,that would help!! btw, i can’t imagine we have 1000 of mens in suits running across the country!!!! but hey, it’s america,everything is possible)))

  2. BRHtruther

    Hey Mr. Thunker, great video. It is both unfortunate and fortunate at the same time that so many more recent photos and videos on Bipedal Relic Hominids (BRH) have been jokes or fakes. Unfortunate that there are enough low IQ people out there who are willing to spend time and money, as well as put themselves at great personal risk to what? Mess with other people’s heads? Don’t these idiots have something better to do? Guess not. Now the fortunate part: Every one of these fakes can now be easily identified as such based on the years of credible visual, physical and scientific evidence collected about these illusive hominids. We pretty much have an established model for what they look like, how their bodies are structured and perform differently from humans, and how they move, walk or run. You have done a great job on the last part in your analyses as long as I have been following you. Scientists like Dr. Krantz and Dr. Meldrum have established the baseline model for parts one and two. Dr. Meldrum is what I consider the current “authoritative clearinghouse” for all three areas, especially on the physical evidence presented in the hundreds of track casts he has examined and classified either as faked, consistently typical and therefore credible, or other misidentified animal. But anything that does not fit uniquely into one of these categories should be deemed “unknown” and assumed to be a fake unless any aberration(s) can be explained scientifically.

    My conclusion on the above is that the mere existence of our ability to create this “model” of a BRH is in itself defacto proof that these creatures exist (apologies for using this cliche’ term here). This model has evolved in the same general manner that all other great scientific and natural discoveries have.

  3. Jason G

    I think when we see a real Bigfooot it looks wild , looks weatherd in the ace that’s not something in my opinion can be put into a suit ? A man who been homeless for a number of years has this this look one only gets this look from years of weather beating down on him ,,’,, sunshine rain snow wiind no real comfortable beds to sleep in ,Chewbacca hasn’t got it ‘lol’ even do Chewbacca has that monster tang gowin onw! To me it has that rich ladies puddle look,, like he’s taking to the dog grooming shop ever five days,, not knocking Chewbacca nope ? his a big cuddly falla we all love 🙂 but he aren’t Bigfoot ‘lol’ The videos are amazingly good ThinkerThunker keep them coming,, they make my day?thank you TT.

  4. Joanna

    What got me thinking it’s fake is the way it wades in the water. Carefully, watching every step. Just like a human would. A creature that lives in the wild and is used to fishing wouldn’t be scared of slipping.

  5. JasonPratt

    What immediately jumped out at me, once the footage was zoomed and stabilized, is that the figure isn’t actually holding the fish! — the figure is dragging the fish along on an invisible wire. Presumably that’s fishing wire which (as in movie sfx) isn’t showing up on the film.

    Strictly speaking, the figure starts out holding the fish, but then accidentally drops it, for which the figure made provision by attaching it to wire so that if the figure noticed he dropped it the figure could pick it up again; most of which happens in the footage! (I feel like I’m talking about the classic designation of Michael Myers in the Halloween films, “the Shape”. {g})

    This, to put it mildly, is not credible.

  6. HominusCanis1

    It does make one consider… as intelligent as Sasquatch seem to be, & how they’ve virtually mastered the “art” of survival, in whatever habitats they happen to occupy, they’d certainly be well aware of any & every potential food resource in their respective habitats.
    Not being..either, capable, or perhaps.. inclined, to use any tool-like implements, they’d SEE fish. they’d know WHERE the fish were, so Id guess that they’d be quite adept at..noodling, hogging, or any one of many names given to “hand-fishing”.
    Simply reaching from a riverbank, or, in rather shallow water, & feeling around under rocks & logs, into holes & such.. to “feel” for a fish, grab it by its lower jaw, & just drag it out. No hooks, lines, boats, rods or reels.
    Their sheer size would allow them to quite easily drag some VERY big fish out of the water.
    It’s a behavior that wouldn’t really.. “surprise” me.. but, whether it’s actually done by Sasquatch… is at best, uncertain.
    If they DID, it’d be strange, because I’m not aware of any other pics, videos or reported encounters, in which anyone has ever seen a/any Sasquatch ever having done this type of “fishing”.
    I’m quite sure that early humans.. before the innovations of fishing rods & reels, lines, hooks & bait or lures.. we’re quite adept at Hogging, “hand-fishing. ”
    Their highly intelligent…widely speculated be smarter than modern primates, & likely, as smart AS, if not smarter than early humans.
    A BIG Sasquatch, could catch some VERY big fish, and in most of the habitats they’ve been said to inhabit, fish would be a plentiful food resource.
    But.. that being the case, “if” Sasquatch, could, or do “hand fish”, doesn’t it seem that it’s something that at least a FEW eye-witnesses would’ve actually seen by now?
    Just… thinking out loud.

  7. andrew gillis

    OK Sanobel folks, get ready for your imagined touristic onslaught, but first realize that the Patty film is a million times more intriguing, and brought Bluff Creek CA, virtually zero.

  8. shaquanaisha

    I like these kinds of videos too. I’ve read many firsthand accounts of fishermen seeing things in and around water. and of fish being stolen. bad publicity stunt, but they all had fun and no one got hurt.

    thank you TT for all you do.

  9. Drew Torres

    You can tell that the shoulders are WAY TOO close together for that to be a non-human, just at first glance. Even if you did have shoulder pads, you could see that the arms go into the body, not out from the shoulder.

  10. robert wilson

    It looks to me like it’s a guy in one of those sniper suits….one of those kind of oversize costumes with grass and branches and leaves that military snipers use to hide in before they take a shot. Definitely fake. Thanks ThinkerThunker for making these debunking videos. That’s why I’m happy to give you a few bucks on Patreon…

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