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The story from “Squatch Spotter” on Youtube is,”Little cousin got this video while we were out feeding cows! We’ve had suspicions of a Bigfoot around our land for quite a while.” I’m thinking … maybe they did. See what I found.

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  1. Big Boppa

    Could you use the width of the runner’s hips compared to the distance traveled to get an idea of the speed of the runner? I’m a fairly big guy and my hips measure about 13” when viewed in profile. You may be able to rule out whether or not the blob is moving at a reasonable human pace.

    • Andrew Heagwood

      It’s a good suggestion, but he’d have to assume some things about the hip size and run variables. If he assumed average human hip size, then drew out the distance, then calculated distance and time ran, he could see if this guy runs reasonably inside/ outside the average human run speed. Good suggestion.

  2. Buckley

    Son and I watched this together. Hmmm, when the line was drawn and the measurements done re head movement, I saw the opposite of what you said. But, you DID say the film quality was very bad. Agree.

  3. orang

    I think you could do one more analysis of the running. All bigfoot video analysis should start off assuming its a normal man and not a bigfoot. In the very beginning, assume that it’s a 6 foot man because I think you get a whole height blurry view at the very beginning. Then take that length and measure both the length and time of the running distance using that 6 foot length. With the time calculate the mph. We know that the fastest NFL backs can run the 40 yd dash in 4.2-4.4 seconds. If this guy is faster, we can assume he’s not human, especially if it’s a LOT faster.

  4. Jason G

    Forgive me I haven’t yet got the hang of this, tried g.mail didn’t work for me ether so after you see this can remove it, LoL’. Howdy ThinkerThunker thinking this could possibly be something? I’ve watched this video for years now but only one other guy says its carrying a youngster , thats Tim Fasano how I think but in some great work, but he never mentioned this ether, and that’s at time frame 00:19 00:20 as the subject steps into the water what look’s like a youngster kicks back ? Like when you put your dog into the bath and before the even his legs hit the water the often strars kicking as if he thinks his legs are under water, watch for that kick back in this video (Lettuce lake park Florida ssskunk app) time stamp 00:19 00:20 ,

  5. Andrew Heagwood

    It could possibly be an actual bigfoot. I love the outdoors and have run into all kinds of wildlife. I’ve also had encounters with predators like bears in the Colorado Rockies. I’ve lived in Oklahoma for over 20 years, and in the country in Tecumseh and Pink Oklahoma. Out there, I didn’t think that I’d run into anything like a bigfoot, but something very large and quiet has lurked in the shadows, not really stalking me, but watching as it travels. I know it’s strange to say, but it has felt huge every time, even though I couldn’t see it, and I never did until one night outside my in laws home. I couldn’t fully see it, but I definitely caught the silhouette of it standing inside what was usually a large gap in the trees and brush. It looked like it was three feet wide. Now that I’m thinking about it, I could measure the gap. Standing in that gap though I have plenty of room around and above me, it didn’t. I could also see it’s eyes looking at me, glowing an orangey yellow color. I just stood there smoking my cigarette and watching it, trying to not move too much as I don’t know how they communicate, and I really didn’t want to anger it, but I wanted to try to communicate. The eyes made it look extremely tall based on their position. I don’t think I can put my hands that high up on my tippy toes, and I’m about 5 foot 8. Anyway, I felt like I should run, but I silently stood my ground trying to decide what to do. I wanted to go up to it, but i was pretty sure chewbacca would rip my arms off and use them to tenderize me before it ate my face off. I’m a very curious individual and nothing would make me happier, fill me with more joy, than to establish communication with an intelligent and mysterious creature of any sort, of which I’m certain they are, but I’ve seen many videos and they are very powerful looking creatures. Being Native American, I’ve heard a lot of stories about them too, and they’re usually said to be man eaters, and that it’s best to avoid them, but I’m curious… anyway, I watched as this guy turned to his right after several minutes and walk away north and east bound. I’m guessing he was one of the pack sentries just making sure I wasn’t going to be any trouble, and probably observing the newly built structures, as at that time they’d only recently built their home and their daughters, my wife’s sister’s, house right along his path. Lots of deer run through there too, so plenty to eat, for sure.

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