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Introducing ThinkerThunker Tribe Membership

ThinkerThunker Members' Comment Badge (Month 1)

Hey, I’m ThinkerThunker! Thank you so much for being here and supporting me for all the videos I’ve ever made, and those to come. If you haven’t officially joined yet, just click here. I look forward to welcoming all of you to my new YouTube Tribe!

I know most everyone uses ad-blocker because we all HATE COMMERCIALS! But ad-blockers keep me from being able to earn a living. Your membership makes up for that and gives me a chance to keep ThinkerThunker going. And the more members I get, the more time I’ll have to devote to finding, testing and making new videos for you! It’s a win-win for less than a buck a month. Your membership here means the world to me. And when I read through the comments I’ll see my custom-designed comment badge next to your name. Plus you’ll get tons of member-only videos, year-round discounts on my t-shirts and other merch and you’ll get to watch member videos ad-free.