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UFO Mothership in Prince Rupert? Baby Ships Pour out!

Posted here in our forum by ShadowNero (big THANKS!)
After taking a closer look, this has to be one of the most bizarre pieces of UFO footage ever. If in fact it is authentic. See for yourself.

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Zoomed, stabilized and exposure enhanced 30 second version showing the “baby ships” pouring out of the “portal, mothership” or whatever you prefer.

Oddly enough it has the original audio from ShadowNero (the guy who filmed it) puzzling over what this could be as we get to see what he didn’t – a stabilized, exposure enhanced, zoomed version.


  1. TheMissus

    Wow, what the h@#$ was that? Simply incredible (incredibly weird!) what was captured there. I’m now having a Matrix moment, wondering whether I took the red pill or the blue one. Awesome breakdown!

  2. mk_hogue

    I’ve been researching for 30 years, and am blown away by what was captured. I’ve seen thousands of video’s…wow amazing. Thinker, just like with your BF videos, I think your totally right about what’s going on here. It looks like sum kind of energy portal,their flying through it and coming out here. I suppose it could be a mother ship, but it looked like an artificial sun to me, or what they theorize.. a white hole. That was kinda spooky to see that video. It will be in my mind forever. I felt like, we weren’t suppose to see that. Try to interview that guy, maybe he was abducted and doesn’t know it..

  3. mmarkydark

    I’m no Bible scholar and I am drawing from some memory recalled from what could have been my childhood. That said, didn’t Ezekiel describe a wheel within a wheel with some kind of visitors with flaming chariots? (I didn’t take the time to look it up, gotta leave for work) Obviously being old testament somewhere around 600BC. Pretty cool video. Thanks TT. Coo-dos to ShadowNero.
    I’m seeing comments from an Asian friend (i’m sorry I do not recognize the script) would love to see a translation.

  4. Davo

    Hhmmm very odd. After watching this fir a while I wondered if it might be another street light with insects buzzing it, but then if this is February it would be too cold for insects.
    I then looked at the original footage on his site ans cant help but think that those objects that seem to be inside that light and leaving are because he was filming it through his windshield with dirt on it and the bits of crud on the windshield are what we are seeing as he tries to hold still and the phonecam struggles to focus on something so is racking back n forth between the distance and the bits of crud on the windshield.

  5. DougWebbNJ

    Right at the beginning of the video there appears to be a large signpost; I tried to find it on Google Maps in Prince Rupert but I can’t make out any of the details on the sign so I don’t know where it is. I wanted to figure out what direction he was looking, and to see a daylight view of what’s there.

    Prince Rupert is a small town on the edge of an island dominated by Mount Hays. He says the “ufo” is above Mount Hays and that there is a blinking red light on a cell phone tower in the direction he’s looking. That means most of the background of the video is actually the mountain, not the sky. Google Maps streetview doesn’t go up the mountain, but at the peak there are a few structures, and there is this one photo showing all of the communication towers up on the peak.

    I’m 100% certain that what he filmed is just a light on one of those towers.

    Also, Davo is entirely correct: in the original video, you can clearly see that the “baby ufos” are just crud on the windshield. They all move back and forth together as he moves the camera around, making it look like they’re moving in and out of the light.

      • ThinkerThunker

        Nice work Doug. But does the big red disk glow burning red and orange at night? And have what would have to be HUGE birds of some type swarming and crawling on it?

        • DougWebbNJ

          If I lived there, I’d definitely get some binoculars and go out at dusk to look at it. If it’s just a light on a tower, it should light up every night. On Google Maps street view, the mountain top is covered with fog; maybe that’s common and the light isn’t often visible.

          There’s nothing swarming or crawling on it; the “mini ufos” you pointed out in your video are definitely just crud on the windshield. You can see it in the full frame original video. You got misled by zooming in close so that you could only see the smudges when they’re in front of the light; in the full frame you can see other smudges both near and far from the light, all moving together as the camera moves, and all staying in the same place relative to the windshield.

          • Shadownero

            Could have been but if you look in the original video the red dot on the right of the light was the cell phone towers and whatever I saw was not only above that by a good margin but also well away from the towers.

      • David Earl

        Please! Reaching much? What, do you work for the Air Force? “Nothing to see hear folks, move along, move along, it’s just light from Venus reflecting off swamp gas and hitting a weather balloon”

        If it is a light from one of the towers, why did it turn off? Why did it turn ON? Where is it now? Where was it before the video was taken? Where was it after the video was taken? Why does someone who has apparently lived there for years not know about it and has never seen it before or since?
        Are you sure it wasn’t a crash test dummy from an experimental aircraft from the fifties? Or a flare dropped from a non-existent training flight that can hover in place for hours. You know, like all flares do.

    • Shadownero

      8th avenue west and fulton would be the intersection. Looking towards mount hays. If you look closely you can see the blinking red light on the mountain and this is pretty high above it also it is much larger.

      • DougWebbNJ

        Thanks for providing the intersection. I posted a pair of images on showing a stillframe from your video, and the closest I could get to where you were on Google Maps.

        In the stillframe you can make out the utility pole and the covered support cables that run up to it at an angle. You can also see the shorter metal pole in the distance to the left of the utility pole, and behind them there’s a bright white light and some other lights which are coming from the white house across the road.

        The stillframe also shows the orange light, right in the center, and just to the right of the upper portion of the angled cables. The Google Maps image isn’t in quite the right place so the angles are different, but the whole area where that light could have been is the side of the mountain. It MIGHT have been just above that (in the clouds in the Google image) but that puts you right into the collection of towers on top of the mountain. Also, part way up the mountain and crossing through the area you were facing is Wantage Rd. Google streetview doesn’t quite reach where you were seeing the light, and the parts it does show doesn’t have any streetlights, but it’s conceivable that you were seeing a light along that road. Eventually Wantage Rd reaches the top of the mountain where the towers are, if you want to go explore.

    • thornybastard

      I’ve watched the original video twice now in full screen and can’t make out what would be crud on the windshield. The only specks I see are in fornt of the light, that seem to move more in unison with the changes in the light than with the camera movement. The rest of the video is too dark to see what’s on the windshield.

      Also, comparing it with the red light which looks about normal, you’d have to explain the extraordinary diffraction causing the orange light to look so much bigger, pulsate, and swirl.

      I remember a park ranger in Rendlesham forest during a rehash of the Rensdlesham Forest Incident (RFI) telling Sgt. Penniston he’d just seen the lighthouse light. Of course Penniston countered that he’d seen that light every night and it certainly wouldn’t lead to the kind of response it got from security, because they’d seen it every night and knew what it looked like. There’s also much more to the RFI, but the point is, if the light seen by Shadow Nero saw was out of baseline for the area, that could be precisely why it got his attention.

      I think you make a good suggestion though: go out and see if it’s there every night. If it is, the chances of it being a UFO or other very unusual pphenomenon greatly diminishes. If it isn’t there, well, then, something else is going on, whatever that is.

  6. HeartSong Germain

    I stopped to pray and play the Native American Flute at a large Lake on my travels. I felt that there was a place down deep where some kind of ships go in and out of. I kept staring at a round light similar to this one. I took a few pictures and when I got home I sharpened the contrast and enlarged an area because it looked like it was floating above the water and not shining from the shore. I would like to know what you think. Is there a place I can send it for you to look at.

  7. Vsauce

    Hey there TT, love what you do and all the content is right up my ally, so thank you for what you do.

    I want to expand my use of pro tools regarding video enhancement, stabilization, etc. to get the best view of what’s captured. And of course I want to do all completely free! But if you have a tool recommendation that is truly worth the money, I’d like to know about it.

    This video is what put me over the top today to get some basic tools and have a better look at what’s captured.

  8. thornybastard

    This looks astonishingly similar to a UFO I saw in the mid-70s when I was about 10 or 11 years old. Insterestingly, I found a video of another that was made in Maryland in 2012, A screencap of that vid is in my book. Now this is the 3rd example of seen of a “fireball UFO, spanning 40 years. Extraordinary.

    I won’t wager to know whether it’s a mothership, a craft, a very rare phenomenon of some kind, I really don’t know. But after all these years, people are still seeing them.

  9. David Earl

    It’s a Portal. Read the book Hunt for the Skinwalker. It’s about Skinwalker Ranch. There is a Billion Dollar Corporation there that bought it from the rancher that owned it and have been doing intense scientific investigations for about a decade now.They are a government contractor called Bigelow Aerospace. People on the Ranch have reported seeing them for decades.The reason no one else (or hardly anyone else) reports seeing them when they are so bright is that if you see one from your car as you drive they just “disappear”. If you drive back immediately it will “reappear”. They are only visible from a specific location, like a low power laser pointed directly at you. If you move just a little bit the laser seems to disappear. People on Skinwalker Ranch have seen many of them but their neighbors a few hundred yards away cant see them at all. They also report seeing craft coming out of the “orange lights”. Read the book. It will Freak you out.

  10. Andrew Heagwood

    This looks like the theoretical model for the Einstein-Rosen bridge more commonly known as a wormhole. What you’re looking at is a ring of light at its edge where gravitational effects are the strongest to burrow through and stretch time space from one physical location to another, or both towards each other. There is clear atmospheric distortion, giving an idea of great distance between the camera man and the structure. You can see the light bending along the gravitational waves that the craft may be riding without power, assumed as they seem to not move once breaking the event horizon on our end and then suddenly take off. Their odd maneuvers may actually be them traveling a straight line, but to us, the outside observer, their movements appear strange and don’t make sense as they traverse the time space waves granting an outward time space distortion effect. The orange yellow color might be their host system star, or their homeworld. One would have to basically cancel out the visual effects of the time space distortion effect with an opposing wave form emulation on a computer, which would be very hard, but computers may soon be teachable enough to learn to counter it. Although, gravitational lensing over the distance might make that impossible. However, if the color is due to light spectrum red shift, then it would mean they’re most likely visitors from another far off galaxy as they’re closing distances with this to get here, effectively bypassing the theoretical light speed threshold, as well as bypassing all the dirty space to get here, which would be extremely dangerous. Strangely, however, as the light is similar to our own sun. Perhaps they’re time travelers? The shape change to the structure was likely due to the wormhole destabilizing temporarily, or was the result of time space distortion effects, and never lost its shape. Either way, this technology is far beyond us. Scientists often compare a hypothetical species that would be capable of traveling such vast distances to us as we are to ants, but I think this shows they’re much further along and are more like us compared to amoeba.

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