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UFO sighting filmed from passenger plane on Korean Airliner

Clearly swamp gas or a flock of birds fFlying along at 35,000 feet, 500 mph. Those are fast birds 🙂

Your thoughts?

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  1. Jason G

    Omg ? In around 1987 me my then girlfriend now wife were lying in the grass looking up at the stars, there was no lights in this park and we could see the stars so Clair this night we noticed almost right away about 12 little stars 6 on the right side of this bigger star and 6 on the lift, , i say stars because thats were they were? Up in the stars , they seemed to be keeping peace with each other? Like what ever the ones on the right side was doing the left was doing also ” not following but in sync ” making all kinds of shapes, triangle circle lining up just very fast for the difference they would have been covering, I got the feeling that they were trying to let who ever would be watching know they were being driven, I was amazed from the get go and said we”’ at the very moment I said we ” the stars on thhe right side shot in a straight line down and disappeared behind the line of the earth, we have nothing that can fly up as high and nothing that fast here on earth ” and just as I finished saying them words the 6 stars came up again on the left side off the earth , about 4 ‘ 5 seconds to fly around the earth and miles out there so not just flying around the earth but like a much MUCH BIGGER CIRCLE in that short time? and when we left the park we showed our friends and even some men and their wives who were going to the pub, lots off us saw them , nest day the radio station said the army is saying it was their lights, like search lights ? little star objects flying around one bigger star object , really that’s the answer they gave, like someone can’t tell the difference between a star and a beam of light ? Ok ‘lol’

    • Jason G

      Reason I commented? They looked very similar to the lights in this video and one million percent they would have been able to fly to the moon and back in seconds, moments / half a moment *

  2. Mr. Scary

    I’m one of those types that believes in things of the paranormal type absolutely. But I will do my best to debunk first. I’m thinking reflection off inside of the window, but would the object be so distinct during daylight in the cabin as opposed to a light turned on in the cabin at night? Looks like you could reach out and touch whatever they are.

  3. cdaniels

    UFO’s aren’t real….. what’s that? You got one on video? Let’s see some real evidence of ufos not a lousy video. Your crazy if you believe your own lying eyes. You should only believe what you were taught and when evidence is presented just call them racist or conspiracy theorist. That’s what us democrats do now and it seems to be working.

  4. mmarkydark

    I don’t fly often so I always get a window seat and spend time gawking. I’ve never seen any kind of light illusions playing off the window glass. We may not be alone….

  5. David Earl

    Seriously? It’s a bunch of mylar balloons! Has no on on this forum seen a Jet airplane high up in the sky that seems to almost hover? A jet is at most a couple of hundred feet long. When it is 4 miles up and 10 miles away, The relative distance it covers, From Your perspective, makes it seem to move very slowly or even hover. That also holds true if you are IN the Jet airplane. If someone lets go of a bunch of Mylar Balloons (Very Shiny) If they are large ones and a mile or two or more away from you they will APPEAR to be going as fast or nearly as fast as the Jet you are in.
    If they are still together in a bunch it will APPEAR to be a “shape shifting” object as the wind blows them around. And if the wind pressure finally snaps the string or ribbon holding them together, they will split up and begin moving in lots of different directions as the wind currents that high up can be very turbulent and fast moving. I cant tell you how many videos I see from Mexico showing bunches of silver Mylar balloons touted as “UFO’s” on youtube videos. I was at Toys R Us a few years back and they even had a “UFO” Balloon you could buy! It was about 10 feet across. I am sure if somebody bought one and lost it as they were on the way home with it that it would make an impressive “UFO”

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