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Why I left YT

All I’ll say is

YT”s awesome generosity and exemplary business practices have inspired me to get as far away from them as I can and start my own video streaming website.


I should’ve made this move YEARS ago.

If something worked on YT, or was useful … they took it away. (Including money.)

For years there Subscribers could message me when they found some new video or photo they wanted me to check out. That was invaluable.

But YT, in all their wisdom decided private messaging was BAD!

So they killed it, forcing users to have to leave links for me down in the comments section. The problem there is YT considers any comment with a link – SPAM! So I never got any of your messages. Sorry about that.

But here members (sign up is free) can post links to photos or videos on our new forum. And the community here can then watch and vote up that video if they agree it deserves further investigation.

Giving everyone here a voice in helping pick which videos could possibly become my next video.

That’s very cool, very democratic, very smart and very now.

So thank you for being here. Please REGISTER and let me hear from ya in the FORUMS.

Spread the word.

All the best,