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Hey, I’m YouTube Influencer ThinkerThunker! Thank you to my members, patrons, subscribers and fans – I’m ever grateful to you all for the honor of getting to be ThinkerThunker, the one exploring, examining and evaluating paranormal video and audio recordings.

Hey, I’m ThinkerThunker!

It’s staggering to me to have over 16 million views and over 80,000 subscribers on Youtube. And to be getting amazing feedback and insights from bright, inquisitive people from around the world. I consider it an honor to be ThinkerThunker. Something I could’ve never dreamed of in a million years.

This all started years ago when I was training on all this high-end, special FX and animation software, I saw a bigfoot video I was curious about, decided to download it, stabilize it and gussy it up a bit, so I could have a better look for myself. And found something absolutely inexplicable completely by accident and thought others might be interested in seeing it as well. So I posted it, and well …

Here we are …

My degree is in computer science. But I think it’s my training as an artist and photographer and filmmaker, training my brain since I was a kid to “SEE” and not just look, and to deeply observe, that gives me my edge and helps me find amazing things in videos that have gone overlooked for years, sometimes decades.

Why am I ThinkerThunker …?

That’s a really good question. Suffice it to say I’ve had a crazy life so far. And seen some amazing things and had some amazing, and terrifying encounters even. That left me, for one wondering … why me?

And also … left me with a burning curiosity to know more.

I invite you all with me on that quest to explore and learn all that we can about the mysterious things in this world that aren’t supposed to exist. But do.

Last question. Have I had encounters?

Yes. That’s one more reason why I’m obsessed. I have to know more.

And will continue pouring through new videos as they come up, often frame by frame, searching for that rare glimpse of the inexplicable. Privacy Policy