Using common sense, critical thinking and an artist’s eye I do detailed Bigfoot, UFO and
Paranormal Video and Audio analysis and restoration using state of the art software. 

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ThinkerThunker answers the question: Does Bigfoot Exist?

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 THINKERTHUNKER Accepts Survivorman Face Challenge

Les Stroud of “Survivorman Bigfoot” fame, and Bigfoot Whisperer, Todd Standing, both mistakenly believe
I said or did something wrong or hurtful in a video I posted back in 2018.
I clear things up for them. Plus … I accepted a challenge laid down by Survivorman.

5 Weird Things About “Bigfoot Hunted by Helicopter”

Finding one hard-to-explain aspect to a video is one thing. Finding two takes the weirdness factor up exponentially.
But five (or more) truly odd things means something extraordinary was going on here.