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“Purely brilliant. ” // “I am very glad you are still here doing this. You are a genius.” // “Thank you for sharing this awesomeness”

transientdreams 1 week ago “Purely brilliant. “

Laura Lafauve 1 week ago “I am very glad you are still here doing this. You are a genius.”

Macio Luko 1 week ago “Thank you for making this video. There can never be enough of this kind of reporting. Missing 411 is filled with these kinds of cases.”

Jay33 goodwin 1 week ago “Thank you for sharing this awesomeness”

Staminist 1 week ago “wanted to say how much I appreciate your insight and the greatest evidences one can “squeeze out” from all these sightings caught on tape. And all the trouble you go through when editing is something not everyone is aware of – thank for doing an amazing job at that too! “

Southern Ontario Sasquatch 1 week ago “Great questions and important video.. Thank you “

Amanda Stapleton 1 week ago “Thank u for helping us understand their behaviour etc. You are a good friend to the sasquatch.❤️👍 “

Crashman 206 3 weeks ago “I LOVE your videos and all that you are doing! Keep up the fantastic work! Thank you.”

deanomax69 3 weeks ago “This is the first time I have seen any of your videos and I would just like to personally thank you 4 keeping the scientific open mind going which is the way that it’s supposed to work right? It doesn’t matter what you personally think if you’re investigating something. What matters is that you are going to report both things the thing that supports the theory in the sing that contradicts his hearing in the overall total effort which is to get to the truth of the matter. I want you to know that I am very impressed by what you have done.”

I appreciate what you contribute. I even bring such things to my classroom, for after-class discussions. I also appreciate how logical, and detailed each program is. I am E Maxwell, a high school social studies teacher, who allows my students to think beyond the norm, and ask the right questions, to bring about a higher level of thinking. Thank you for your time, and keep up the good work

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