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Hiker Passes Out as Grandjean Bigfoot Reaches Towards Him

Grandjean Bigfoot


  1. TheMissus

    Six feet away and the Ridge Walker reached out to possibly touch him?! No wonder he passed out. What an amazing story. Many thanks to you guys and to James for sharing it, and also for your stunning footage of hotspot, GrandJean I the gorgeous Sawtooths. Certainly worthy of the bucket-list designation. Great work, RMSO team, and thanks!

  2. john kokalis

    These types of reports are EASILY believable because it jolts are belief system to the core. It just makes me believe most people (if honest) would freak out. Literally. Jest sayin.

    • wooski1972

      He was still so out of it that he crawled into his sleeping bag still wet with his own urine!! Lol. Prolly had to wash that sucker a few times or just throw it out. I can hear them sitting around the campfire the next night and the topic of Bigfoot is brought up and they go around asking everyone what they would do if they had an encounter with him. They get to him and it’s “So Jim what would you do??” He looks nervous and says “I don’t know. I’d prolly piss myself.” And then offers up a nervous little laugh and others start to laugh as well as one says “I can picture it now!! Jim pissing himself!!” They all laugh as Jim thinks to himself you don’t have to picture it. You already saw it. Lol.

  3. Kelly Williams

    I had my encounter about a 8 hour drive from Grandjean in Idaho, while traveling back to Colorado from Vancouver Island in 1989.. near Murray Idaho at the Settlers Grove of Ancient cedars, which is along that same mountain corridor .. in 89 it was a 4×4 trail, it is now a hiking trail with a parking lot as I went back in 2005 and hiked the trail.. but the trail follows the old road, and I found the exact same spot on the trail I had my encounter.. and it still shook and unnerved me, all those years later..

  4. pibbles2244

    At time stamp 7:22-7:30 there is a something that streams across sky right above the words grandjean. Can anyone tell me if this is a cloud, meteor, or anything unecplained

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