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Members & Patrons Video: Terrifying Cackle in the Woods – AN UPDATE!

Terrifying Cackle in the Woods Part 3: ThinkerThunker breakdown
Terrifying Cackle in the Woods Series
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

It was faint, but Thunker just happened to catch it.

Now we can hear whatever this was…well, it was speaking. Or yelling!

“Hey Tribe, what’s up?! Just did a little test having my cute, little wife do her best “Weh-Chuh! She was only able to get up to about 300 hertz which is HALF of what the Cackling Bigfoot was able to do. (It wasn’t a human. And SURE wasn’t a coyote.)”


What is it? Watch and find out…

Be safe. And as ever, THANK YOU ALL so much for your support!

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