Using common sense and an artist’s eye I do detailed Bigfoot, UFO and Paranormal Video and Audio analysis and restoration using state of the art software. Getting to share my findings with the world is the best!

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Umatilla Indian Reservation in eastern Oregon, late at night, in a known Squatchy area for sure, this guy records what he described
as being “hyena-like” screams or cackling coming from the woods down the street. Is this for real …? You decide!

Terrifying Cackle in the Woods Part 2 Now Available!

Two guys go fishing for gar way down in San Benito, Texas. Watch my newest video to see what they think is a dog…until it stands up!
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I’ve done a 3-part series on the Ohio Grassman. Parts 2 and 3 are for Members and Patrons only, to say thanks!
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My Latest Video with theMissus on WOW News!

In this video I talk about waking up to “a dark shape” (a Shadowman) holding my toes. It’s bizarre.

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