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Bigfoot at Indian Fort Theater or Big Fat Hoax?

Here we go again ….

See the original
See their hoax
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  1. ThinkerThunker

    Hey All …. Not everyone is at the same level on all this. There are still A LOT of people interested in this video, I respect that. But maybe now we can move on from on it. I discussed a few ways that you can use to do your own investigation, like checking to see what other videos the video’s producer has done. If there’s some hoaxes in there … that should be a red flag. But even a hoaxer could still film THE footage we’ve all been waiting for, so ya never know.

  2. TheMissus

    The plant-rubbing behavior was a smart, curious choice for this hoaxster. It’s a known phenomenon primates exhibit this behavior in the wild, possibly for pain relief or to keep parasites at bay. Too bad it was a hoax. Apparently there are plenty of viewers who believed otherwise, and with good reason. It’s a decent video. Had the videographer not posted the follow-up “hoaxed” videos as well, frankly it would be reasonable to think the video in question wasn’t a hoax. Good work, TT. Thanks for clearing up any doubts and revealing this for what it is: a prank pulled on a bunch of college students.

  3. redhair

    Yep, this one had me fooled at first, until Thinker Thunker made it very clear . I live in Kentucky and most backwoods people here love to hoax, fool or beat up the city people too show they are more tougher and clever, never caring what this does to the real big foot stories told.

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