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Amazing Audio! Screaming sounds in the woods in Georgia – (Bigfoot or Homeless guy?)

The original video, posted by youtuberJimmy Dillard, thought it was a “crazy homeless guy screaming in the woods.” But NOBODY on the planet has pipes like these. Hear it for yourself.

The second sound, “the growling howl,” is bone chilling. And a very complex sound. Well beyond what human vocal chords could do. But if you feel like you CAN make this sound, and match it’s intensity, give it a try. Post a link down below and I’ll compare it to the original.

My favorite … the three “trumpeting growl calls.” It couldn’t be a horn he’s blowing through because it still sounds enough like his voice. Whoever “his” is.


    • robert

      Some of the sounds are exactly what my wife and I heard in the Blue Mountains of Oregon in 2005. We heard the whoops and some of the howls, but what was most confusing to me at the time was the “talking”, that was more than a little unsettling to two people in a tent at night in the wilderness. Keep up the good work!

      • ThinkerThunker

        The talking … that’s really creepy. I’m guessing it wasn’t English …? Maybe Russian\Japanese sounding? Or just far enough away where you couldn’t quite make out what was being said.

        You guys had an encounter. Of some kind. We all know with what, especially in that area, but just can’t prove it.

        The big question … will you two ever go back to that spot? If you do, take a little Zoom H1 along. And have your cameras ready.

    • paul

      No I sure can’t make anything close to those sounds. With this great evidence and more to come in the future ,audio , video and stills I am concerned about when ppl accept they are real and out there. I know Washington State has a law about killing a bigfoot, maybe Oregon too. What about the other states? this came from GA. I know the great white hunters would love to kill one. How are we going to stop that?
      With that thinking may I ask if you have any opinion on the missing people, children from the national parks out west and other places? Myself I don’t think it’s bigfoot,,, but it’s something like that for sure.
      I know this is a lot to reply to,, If you are planning on doing a segment about these things I can surely wait.
      Thank you,,, Lets be careful for what we wish for.

  1. TheMissus

    I really loved helping with this video. The comparison between the two whoops…well, there’s really no comparison. The other sounds in Jimmy’s recording are also incredible. He really hit a goldmine there. As to what made those sounds is anyone’s guess, but the timing of this video — almost Halloween — couldn’t be more perfect! This’ll be a perfect backdrop for trick-or-treaters.

    • crittervillegal

      I love that y’all both enjoy doing this together. Thank you for helping to make this an awesome channel to watch!!
      You had mentioned the timing of this video. You’re right, I didn’t think about that. (lol) I’m curious though…I just wonder what the Bigfoot would think if someone threw a Halloween party in the woods near their “home” and everyone wore costumes….really wild, crazy costumes? And they did dances like “The Monster Mash” and ones like that…just really wild, weird dances. Just wonder if the Bigfoot would be curious, angry because someone or “something” was in their home territory, or scared? The last 2 options would still make them want to attack, I would think. Just a thought! ?

  2. Scott Angove

    Thinker thinker I wait to hear more audio like this , I feel it’s going to provide some of the evidence for proving the existence of the creature. If someone could catch a one on film making that sound would be the holy grail. Thanks T.T.

  3. allisfaith

    I had to come over and comment from Youtube, this audio is just too good. What a gift to add this to our precious and small collection of audio and visual information about such beautiful beings. It reminds me of you the recordings Ron Morehead made. I can imagine that part that plays around 2:28 seconds is that the younger sister given a ‘woop’ to her older brothers and the three sounds after that, to me, remind me of the Sasquatch squabbling over food in the Ron Moorehead recordings. This recording is quite a gem. Especially considering the microphone used was of normal to ‘just good enough’ quality.

    Also, the second loud noise in this recording, I would imagine it has sub subsonic aspects to it and only pops into our range of hearing a little bit. Anyway, this was great and I hope we get to see more of these NON INVASIVE discoveries captured on audio and film.

    Also, have you checked out the sounds recorded by Sasquatch Ontario? They have a similar tonality…

    • ThinkerThunker

      Thank you AIF, glad you and all the others made the trip over!

      And yeah, I feel the same way about this recording. It should be front page news across the world! Sadly … only a handful of us will ever hear this.

      I love that you’re imagining communications between family members. And yes, exactly, the “Ooo rah!” does sound like some of Mr Moorehead’s recordings. I could spend a lifetime trying to break it all down into all of the individual syllables, grunts, snorts and growls.

  4. 1alan1

    I would be worried about someone editing in different animal sounds. It sort of sounded like an elephant at a couple points. Some people have nothing better to do than make non sense and post it. I agree its not feral human.

  5. Joe Nuclear

    I’ve never seen any cryptid animals nor do I know anybody who has but I’ve heard some strange sounds similar to the high pitched yelping in the woods and yes, I’m very familiar with the ordinary local wildlife and barnyard life that can make crazy noises (goats screaming bloody murder and owls sounding like monkeys for example) but the most unnerving sounds I have ever heard are rocks clacking together. I just don’t know what can make that sound without hands.

  6. pperry

    Surely there are audio labs which could provide a comprehensive examination of this file. Could these sounds be submitted for analysis?
    Perhaps it’s a sign of the times, but I am leary of accepting audio/visual “evidence” at face value. Maybe I’m just becoming jaded in my old age.

    • JimiDBo

      Perry There are a few of us doing audio investigations on the Sasquatch people’s communications. Bigfoot Anthropologist and I have been at it for a while now. What I have figured out is a template to use (example: how to put my settings speed, pitch, as well as when to split the wav files and when to combine them which seems to work and get me some amazing evidence.

  7. Brett

    Good video! Hey ThinkerThunker, any chance you could have a service (like YouTube’s) that sends me an email when you post a new video? I kinda just go thru my inbox to see what videos sound interesting to me. I really enjoy your videos and would like to know, right away, when there’s a new one available to watch.

    • TheMissus

      Brett, we hear you and are working on this. Meanwhile just be sure to sign up for updates — the form’s on the top right-hand of every page here at — “GET THINKERTHUNKER UPDATES!”

  8. JasonPratt

    Okay, the guy who posted it originally has added an update (apparently since TT started working on it):


    I still think yall are full of shit saying its a bigfoot but but now I know at least some of these sounds were definitely made by a person. Our neighbor Rob, a good friend of mine recently told me that his kid Gavin found my camera in the woods. Apparently he thought it would be hilarious to make cave man noises off screen to mess with me. When I asked them if Gavin did all the screaming too, he said he didnt know what I was talking about, so I showed them the video. According to Gavin, the only part of the video with him on it is from 3:27 onward, after I put the camera out the second time. Neither of them had any clue where the first part of the video came from. I still say it’s probably a person or some animal, but Im not 100% sure. I just feel better knowing no one was actually trying to break my camera.”

    We’ll have to compare this statement with the noises from 3:27 (in the original footage) onwards.

  9. JasonPratt

    Okay, “Gavin” (neighbor “Rob” kid) is apparently the narrower whoopy noises and grunts in the second half (from 2:58 on TT compilation onward). That would explain why they “look” a lot different on the scope, and sound a lot closer, too. Interesting that the sound was still so echo-y?

  10. JasonPratt

    So, some other context: this is the first post on the guy’s channel, six years ago. One year ago (roughly per Youtube’s loose tracking) he added an update that his neighbor (Rob)’s kid Gavin found his camera out in the woods (the second time he put it out) and fooled around making “caveman noises” — those are the portions from 2:58 on TT’s compilation onward, the much narrower and closer sounds (with the mosquito nearby). So we have a definite hoax claim for the second half of the compilation. (I don’t know why TT didn’t account for this. The sounds definitely “look” different.)

    Three years later, (Sept 30, 2016) “Jimmy Dillard” produces a second video about noises in the woods near his house. Note that this is (roughly two years) before his update comment a year ago about the later sounds being hoaxed. Could be worth looking into this for analysis, too.

    Over the past 8 months (after the “update” claiming the sounds from his original 3:27 timestamp were hoaxed), JD has posted up 7 bigfoot story videos (other accounts/stories, not his).

    • TheMissus

      Hi, @JASONPRATT, just FYI, at the point in the in the video where you and others claim a human voice is doing those sounds, TT says very clearly that those sounds could be imitated (or something to that effect). Another point: just because someone claims secondhand ownership of sounds in a video doesn’t mean it’s true – until they can prove it, it’s just heresay. BTW, thanks for all your feedback! Love it.

    • ThinkerThunker

      Hey Jason, if I only covered videos that weren’t already declared to be a hoax or fake I would only be making about one video every few years. The fun for me is showing where those videos couldn’t have been faked, not by a human. I think I did that on this video. At least with the parts I focused on.

      As for the grunts, I did add text in my video saying the grunts would be easy enough to mimic. Although, if they really believe some neighbor’s kid made those grunts – prove it. Record this kid making these sounds and I’ll compare them to the original to see if they match tone and intensity. (They won’t.)

      So like TheMissus said above, just because someone claims something was a fake doesn’t mean it’s so. They’ll have to prove it. And I’m betting they can’t prove it, and won’t even try.

      All that being said … the amazing part of this video are those bugling, trumpeting howls, screams and that whoop. Let’s see some kid, OR ANYBODY, mimic those with matched intensity.

  11. shanecook71

    This is one of my favourite videos, I have gone back to it a few times the past couple of years. The whole video is about 17 minutes long, and features stick breaks, walking , everything you expect from something walking behind and being annoyed by the camera’s presence. This analysis of the actual sound dynamics is very welcome as it helps confirm what I already heavily suspected.

  12. JimiDBo

    THinkerThunker, I took the audio from this track and brought it into my recording studio, slowed it down to 20% the regular speed and used a noise reduction program as well as changing the pitch of the vocals that I heard. So at 15:07 on my screen which I guess is around the 3:02 mark on the YouTube video I got a voice that was very clearly saying “They won’t be there” I made an MP3 of it for you repeating the phrase 5 times. Where can I send it.

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