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[SPECIAL] “Expedition Bigfoot” Claims Patterson Bigfoot Was Only 6’3″ – Are They Right?

Expedition Bigfoot Claims Patty is 6'3" Are They Right?

A major TV network hires a “visual effects guy” to do something he’s never done before, using software in a way it wasn’t meant to be used, only to pin all their hopes on the wrong magical rotten log.

But total failure didn’t stop them from declaring themselves THE WORLD’S FIRST to accurately measure Patty the Bigfoot. See for yourself.

You’ll also hear about how I blew my shot at my own TV show, arguing over the “Squamish Bigfoot” video.

And you’ll see my common sense approach that proves the Patterson Bigfoot (Patty) was at minimum 7 to 8 ft tall.

BTW … Travel Channel has claimed the rights to my video. So even though I have the legal right to show and discuss their footage. So any ads you see, the proceeds go to the Travel channel. Which really sux.

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